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Your 2020 Vision Quest


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020-the start of a new year & the start of a new decade! Seeing 20/20 represents clear vision so that is what this year is about-seeing a clear vision of your life. The purpose of this blog is to help you to do just that so let's go!

First, let's start with a vision test beyond the yearly eye exam you are getting. WHAT DOES YOUR FUTURE LOOK LIKE? If you are able to immediately answer this question with specific answers you have a clear vision of your life-Good Job! If not, no worries & let's continue.

Having a clear vision of your life involves seeing yourself in the future in the major aspects of your life. Specifically:

*Where you will reside & live your life

*Your preference to go it on your own or be coupled up with someone

*The kind of career you want & how far you will take it

*Having or not having a child as part of your life

*What your life highlights will be

If you can answer all of the above honestly, you will not only find happiness but you will have a clear vision of your life as well. When you do have a clear vision, your life gets easier to manage because you will know where to spend your time, money & energy.

Here are some resources to help you with your vision. Some are for fun & some are educational:

*Create a vision board with pictures/photos so you can see your vision then look at it everyday

*Get yourself a new pair of glasses, a magic eight ball or a telescope since vision is the theme this year & use it as motivational tool to stay focused on your vision

*Go on a retreat for self-reflection to find answers to the above aspects

*Act as if you are already there & start making it a reality today (within reason)

*Watch the movie Vision Quest then go on your own vision quest

*Read your daily horoscope just for fun for vision inspiration

*See a fortune teller or psychic just for fun to help you stay focused on your vision

*Research any aspect that you are unsure of or that is a gray area for you so that you can make a definitive choice about it

*Write down your vision & commit to yourself that it is going to happen

*Do anything else you can think of to stay focused on your vision

Here's to your crystal clear 2020 vision!

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