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Front Row At Your Fashion Show


Strike a pose!!!

Here's some fashion inspiration for your own fashion show:

Following fashion trends lets you be front row at all the fashion shows so you can be hip & trendy.


Arriving fashionably early or on time is always in fashion.


Getting all dressed up makes you look like royalty & inspires others to treat you that way.


Wearing a tiara or a crown on your birthday is a way to feel special & lets everyone know it’s your birthday.


Wearing your hair pulled back draws attention to your face.


Wearing jewelry gets you noticed especially if you are wearing a lot of bling.


Wearing silk is a luxurious spa treatment for your skin.


Wearing all white makes you look like a god/goddess.


Wearing a cape over an outfit makes you look like a superhero.


Wearing faux fur shows you care about animals.


Wearing clothing that is too tight or too loose can cause a wardrobe malfunction.


Wearing a tuxedo or a tuxedo dress because sometimes a tux is a must.

Wearing a belt is a symbol of strength in addition to being a fashion accessory.


Rolling up your sleeves means you mean business plus it looks stylish.


Wearing a FITTED shirt gives your body definition like it was professionally tailored for you.


Wearing glasses makes you look smart & cool.


Wearing a vest creates a modern day gladiator chest.


Wearing all black is chic & slimming.


Wearing a monochromatic outfit does everything for you. It makes you look taller & thinner.


Wearing a pencil skirt makes you look slim like a pencil.


Wearing a V neck makes your face look angular & slimmer.


Wearing a coat, a dress or an outfit with a TIED or CINCHED or BELTED waist is flattering to your figure.


Having a capsule wardrobe makes clothing go right with all of your outfits.


Washing your clothes inside out preserves their color.


Wearing the same color shoes & pants together makes your legs look longer.


Wearing high heels makes your legs look longer.


Wearing flat shoes aka flats keeps your feet happy with no high heel stress.

Wearing a crossbody bag keeps your stuff safe in addition to looking trendy.


Wearing neon is a fun way to be seen in a crowd.


Wearing a baseball cap backwards makes you look younger.


Wearing a hat makes a great cover up when your hair is all messed up.


Wearing a bikini because why not.


Wearing a one piece because why not.


Wearing boxers AND briefs (just not at the same time) because why not.


Wearing brightly colored socks in the winter brightens your spirits.


Wearing animal print is a fun way to be your animal self.


Now it’s on to your own fashion show!

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