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A "Back To School" Backpack Of Benefits


It’s time for back to school! There are so many benefits for parents & for kids that it’s worth carrying a backpack:

Mom & Dad get a break-The kids are back in school; so parents now actually have some time for themselves.

New outfits-Parents and kids will need some new clothes for the school year. It’s a great reason to go shopping.

The social & event calendar fills up-Everyone gets busy during the school year. It’s a fun kind of busy; with all the school activities going on.

If you don’t have kids, it’s a great time for a vacation-since the kids are back in school, travel destinations are less crowded & since it’s late summer/early fall, the weather is still warm.

The unique educational experience-Learning from a teacher who loves to teach & interacting with other smart kids is pretty cool. For these reasons, a cell phone deserves the “back of the bus” treatment; so, use it after school.

The routine-As humans, we need some routine in our lives to function. Nothing provides a better routine than work or school.

A chance to shine-School provides an environment for personal development like no other. You might even become high school famous.

An opportunity to make new friends for kids AND for parents. It’s a social network for all.

Learning new things-Your brain gets really happy (& exhausted!) during the school year from all the mental stimulation.

Kids get a break from mom & dad & get to be with their own kind-OTHER KIDS.

School keeps you out of trouble. It keeps kids & parents busy; so there is less of a chance for trouble.

Now grab your backpack & go enjoy all of those back to school benefits!

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