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Your Food Frenzy: THE SEQUEL


There’s more food frenzy to be had! It may be as good as the original. Take a look:

Skip the bread basket at a restaurant. The bread isn’t always fresh.

When eating a hamburger, only eat the top part of the bun. The lower part contains all the grease.

Eat your sandwich British style & cut off the crusts to cut the carbs.

Scoop out or gut out the bread inside of a bagel or inside of a sub sandwich so you eat less bread.

Choose thin crust pizza over deep dish. It has a lot less crust (& cheese) or make a crustless pizza.

Make a sandwich using lettuce instead of bread.

Eat zoodles or veggie noodles instead of pasta noodles.

Eat frozen yogurt out of a cup. Skip the waffle cone to save calories.

Share a dessert at a restaurant or skip it all together.

Have a small piece of dark chocolate or a mint after every meal as dessert.

A cup of whipped cream makes a great low carb dessert. Add some berries on top to make it even better.

If you have a choice, skip the buffet & order off of the menu which has a set food portion. If you don’t have a choice, sit far away from the buffet, use only small plates & limit your visits to the buffet.

Order a couple of appetizers at a restaurant instead of the main course. The appetizer portions are usually smaller than the entrée portion.

Have a small snack before you go to a party so you can make better food choices when you are there.

Always order salad dressing on the side. Dip your fork in it with each bite.

Skip the ketchup with your fries. Ketchup encourages you to eat more fries.

To eat more fruits & veggies, eat only the ones you like i.e. if you don’t like onions, don’t force yourself to eat them.

Almonds can be bland so get them seasoned like with wasabi or smokehouse.

Toss the egg yolk from a hardboiled egg & fill the hole with mustard.

Opt for healthy stir-fried Chinese food if you want Chinese food.

Skip the tortilla & have your food in a bowl if you want Mexican food.

Find any annoying reason not to eat the unhealthy food then eat something healthier.

-Popcorn gets stuck in your teeth
-Barbeque sauce gets all over your face & hands
-Toffee hurts your teeth when you bite into it
-Crab & lobster make you work for the food to eat it
-Bloody meat grosses you out

The food frenzy is now over. Go forth & conquer your food!

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