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Spring Break Right Where You Are


Can’t get away for Spring Break? That’s OK! Here are some ways you can still take a Spring Break right where you are:

Take a social media break. Go on a complete digital detox if you need to.

Take a break from TV. Don’t watch it for a week & challenge yourself to do other things.

Take a break with a home staycation. Get some white fluffy towels for your bathroom, mints for your pillows & order in your favorite food all week. Enjoy luxury sleep as well.

Take a break with a staycation in your own town or city. Be a local tourist & see all of the sights.

Take a break from household chores. Have your groceries delivered. Have your home cleaned by a service.

Take a break from driving. Uber or Lyft yourself everywhere for an entire week.

Take a break from being an adult. No adulting for a week. Build a giant fort in your living room & sleep in it. Walk or bike everywhere. Play games all week. Go to an arcade or amusement park.

Take a break from reality. Pay your bills in advance so you are free for the week. Don’t schedule any appointments, meetings, reservations or commitments. Just watch the sunrise & sunset & do whatever you want to do.

Take a break from your usual date routine. Enjoy a week of special dates that you carefully plan i.e. a fondue dinner for two, a couple’s massage, an indoor tandem skydiving experience, etc.

Take a break from noise. Read FINDING QUIET IN A NOISY WORLD on this website to find out how.

Take a break with all of the above. Now that’s a real Spring Break!

Enjoy your Spring Break whether near or far!

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