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The Decade's Grand Finale


2019 is the GRAND FINALE of the decade so how are you going to remember it?! Here are some suggestions to make this the most memorable year of the decade:

-CELEBRATE NEW YEAR’S EVE AT A SPECIAL PLACE. Go to Times Square & watch the ball drop LIVE as an example. Plan your special New Year’s Eve celebration NOW to welcome the new decade of 2020.


GET SO FIT you look like a professional athlete.

WIN a marathon or finish as a TOP racer.


Climb a mountain or TWO.

Escape EVERY escape room the place has in the allotted time.

Make & eat EVERY recipe in your favorite cookbook.

Host an EPIC summer toga party. Host an EPIC Halloween party. Host an EPIC holiday party.

Listen to FIFTY different audiobooks in FIFTY different places.

Do extra tasks at work & keep doing more so you become EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR.

Determine your OWN Seven Wonders of the World & go & see them all.

Take a mini vacation or mini getaway every month & make 2019 the YEAR OF THE VACATION.

Have a DESTINATION FAMILY REUNION so you get the best of both worlds-family & travel.

Renew your wedding vows AND take a second honeymoon.

Draw your self-portrait AS YOU SEE YOU.

STYLE a new wardrobe with all the latest fashion trends.

Make your OWN 2019 calendar. Take a photo of yourself every month doing something fun & use it as the photo for that month.

Create your own brand, logo, trademark, etc. to showcase your CEO self to the world.

GO HOLLYWOOD & audition to be an extra in a movie or audition for reality TV.

Treat yourself like royalty. Say YES to everything you want this year. (Within reason!)

Buy YOURSELF a bunch of gifts, wrap them up then open them on your birthday or during the holidays.

Overcome your personal vice ONCE & FOR ALL so you start the 2020 decade with YOUR BEST YOU.

Do 365 Random Acts of Kindness to be a GREAT HUMANITARIAN.

2019 is a decade ending year so make it EPIC!

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