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Winter Blast


It’s time for a WINTER BLAST! Here are some of the BEST things about winter:

BEST SPORT: Being a winter sports FAN. With so many winter sports, you get to celebrate your fandom ALL WINTER LONG.


BEST ICE EXPERIENCE: Exploring ice castles that make winter so *magical*

BEST DISTRACTION: The holiday season so you forget that it’s winter.

BEST SOUND: The silence of winter so you can think.

BEST LIGHTS:  A TIE: Northern Lights & Zoo Lights.

BEST OUTFIT: All white, winter white so you look like a SNOW QUEEN or a SNOW KING.

BEST ACCESSORY: Earmuffs since they make you look like a cartoon character besides keeping your ears warm.

BEST SOCKS: Bright colorful warm socks so that both your spirit & your feet survive the winter.

BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS: A humidifier & lots of lotion to keep your skin moisturized & lip balm to keep your lips soft.

BEST SUV: A Hummer (RIP). Best SUV snowplow ever.

BEST ACTIVITY: To be swaddled like a baby to keep warm.

BEST THEME: Fire & Ice of course.

BEST CHALLENGE: Finding your way in the darkness of winter.


BEST JOB: A stay at home job of any kind so you can work AND hibernate.

BEST COMFORT FOOD: Anything with the words PIPPING HOT along with it.

BEST SNOWY THING: A bunny hill cause it’s funny.

BEST DOGS: Sled dogs since they haul stuff & us humans too.

BEST CELEBRATION: A snow day because there’s usually more than just one.

BEST CREATION: A snow angel since it’s made by you of you.

BEST EVENT: The Winter Olympics. They’re so good we need them every year.

BEST MOVIE: Nanook of the North. It's an oldie but a goodie.

BEST INDOOR DECOR:  A GIANT BLANKET in every room to fulfill all of your blanket needs.

BEST DAY OF WINTER: The last day of winter that turns into the 1st day of spring ON THE SAME DAY!

Now get ready for a WINTER BLAST!!!

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