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Wings to Rise


Ladies-It’s time to power-up with all of your power! Here’s how to empower your power:

-Register to vote & VOTE! Use your voice via a ballot for positive change.

-Speak up & take action so no more ME TOO & TIMES UP if something inappropriate happens to you.

-Volunteer to lead a group that you belong to. Go beyond being a member to being a leader.

-Be social with other successful ladies & share your empowerment success stories.

-Challenge the status quo & ask questions if you don’t agree with it. Speak up. Be heard.

-Have kids only if you want to. It doesn’t make you any less of a woman if you don’t.

-Encourage any young girls you know to try everything including sports, science & math. Then let them decide if they like it or not.

-Research so you can negotiate your salary. To get paid what you are worth you need to know what you are worth.

-Ask for a raise if you deserve it. Ask for a promotion if you deserve it. Leave (with a better job) if you don’t get it.

-Maintain your personal identity beyond being a wife and/or mother. Schedule time each week for your personal hobbies & interests. Maintain your girl friendships as well.

-Look to your Superwoman role models for empowerment inspiration.

-Be cultured. Travel the world as much as you can & stay current on world events.

-Educate yourself. Library books are free. Many e-books are free. A lot of stuff on the internet is free. Take advantage of them. Go to college online or in person if you so choose.

-Champion a cause then lead the charge like you are Joan of Arc.

-Empower your style. If you want short hair, get it. Go make-up free or wear less makeup if you don’t like makeup. Wear pants if you prefer them to dresses.

-Stay At Home Moms: Wear a t-shirt that says “Being A Stay At Home Mom Is My Full Time Job!” as a reminder to all.


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