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Money 101


Class is in session! It’s time for Money 101! Take a look:


Money is not the root of all evil. Unhappiness is.

Everything you do either makes you money or costs you money. Everything.

By not spending money, you are making money because you are keeping your money.

Nothing is free. It’s only marketed as free. It may cost you only your time, but it still costs you.

If you enjoy a hobby, it’s worth the money you spend on it.

Be loyal to your wallet & not someone else’s. Do what’s best for you financially even if you have to leave the situation.

If you wear a designer logo or label, it may be a status symbol for you but remember you are still promoting someone else’s brand which helps them to make money.

Live within your means so you can continue to live.

Have multiple sources of income to protect yourself in case one income source goes away.

Work hard & stash your cash when you are young. Then you won’t have to work so hard later on unless you want to.


To enjoy your life to the fullest, get out of debt. Do whatever it takes. Get a side gig or second job. Downsize. Sell all of your unnecessary stuff. Get out of debt.

Charge only what you can pay off each month on your credit card to avoid fees which are a waste of money. Also, remember the less credit cards you have, the less tempted you will be to spend. By using a debit card, you avoid the interest charges & you have a capped amount of money to spend i.e. the money you have in the bank so you can’t overspend.

Update your budget yearly as things change & stick to it. View it as a survival tool.

Use coupons & discount vouchers no matter how much money you make.

Always send in your rebates. It’s a game companies like to play with your money. They hope you forget to send it in so they get to keep it. Get your money back. Send it in.

If there is a generic version of something, go with it to save money. You can always get the brand name if the generic doesn’t work, but go with the generic first.

Shop off season to get the best deals on everything.

Cook at home as much as you can instead of dining out. Then you get to tip yourself for a job well done with all the money you’ll save.

Collect your spare change & put it in a piggy bank. Do this not only because carrying change around is annoying, but because you can keep it as an emergency savings or to help you pay bills or even use it to buy yourself something special.

Interest rate shop at your local banks & online to get the best interest rate on your savings. Also, compare the checking accounts & savings accounts the bank has to offer for the best interest rates as well.

If your employer offers a 401k plan & match, take it as early as you can, starting in your 20’s if possible. Take the maximum deduction too. Your money grows fastest that way.

When you give to a charity, always get a receipt so you can get a tax deduction for it.

Keep a money binder that contains your bank statements, investments statements, social security statements, paystubs etc. & review them every month to help you determine your net worth as well as to help you plan financially for the future.

Study the rich & learn how they make/made their money. Learn their best practices so you can hopefully make the big money too.

The stock market is a good investment if you can afford to take a long term risk. It’s not meant to be a quick money making gig. Also, seek a good financial advisor to help guide you unless you yourself are a financial advisor.

If you are eligible to receive social security, remember the longer you wait to collect social security up to age 70, the more money you will collect each month. Based on your circumstances, do what’s best for you.

Take advantage of a HSA-Health Savings Account or FSA-Flexible Savings account, if one is available to you, to cover your medical expenses. It’s for money that you have earned that’s NOT TAXED so you are saving money that way.

Now that’s your crash course in Money 101!

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