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Ideal Resolutions


Happy New Year! Happy 2018! Here are some IDEAL RESOLUTIONS to get your New Year off to a great start:

To go cold turkey, give up your vice completely & substitute it with something better

To create a kids workout for an adult that is fun to do then do it regularly as exercise

To exercise during the commercials while you watch TV

To balance your body & learn to ice skate

To research & execute a challenge successfully to set a Guinness World Record

To complete an entire crossword puzzle book to exercise your brain then complete another one

To dine out only on weekends when you can slow down & enjoy the food

To eat more veggies by using a spiralizer & making them into spirals

To carry a bottle of water around with you everywhere you go to remind you to drink more water

To take a day off from technology once a week i.e. digital detox & connect with life in person

To improve the quality of your sleep by putting your phone on silent at night & not looking at it

To be a champion for health, wellness & prevention & help others to be healthy

To celebrate something special or funny every day of the year

To celebrate your ongoing monthiversary with your pet

To buy in condo/apartment bulk size if you are a city dweller to save money

To pay in cash only or to pay off your credit card in full each month so no interest charges

To become a minimalist & declutter your entire home

To recycle everything so you have little or no garbage

To do 365 random acts of kindness-one for each day of the year

To be 99% nice & only 1% naughty & make the nice list in 2018

To read, watch or see something brand new that you’ve never seen before by hunting for it every day

To follow trends in your areas of interest as a new hobby

To become an expert at something you love doing

To be a tourist in your own city or state & see all of the sights & learn the history

To learn a new language then to travel to its country of origin to speak it

To be super organized & do all of your 2018 holiday shopping before the holidays

To turn your handwriting into art & learn calligraphy

To write your life story & become the writer you have always wanted to be

To tell anyone who says they have no New Year’s Resolution to visit

So what’s your Ideal Resolution? Make it happen!

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