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A Thanksgiving Side Dish


Here are some of the funniest things about Thanksgiving:

Playing catch up with our Canadian neighbors who celebrate Thanksgiving in October due to the cold & snow.

Getting a day off of work for a food holiday you get to spend with family & of course to give thanks.
Wearing whatever you want (within reason) since there is no formal dress code.

Being back in your hometown & feeling like you are in high school again.

Seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from your couch & maybe even in your pajamas.

Experiencing the mad rush of family showing up.

Making or receiving an EDIBLE cornucopia.

Cooking a deep fried turkey because anything deep fried tastes better.

Eating extra cranberry sauce since this is the only day of the year that you do eat it.

Realizing no matter how full you are, you still have room for dessert especially since it’s pie.

Enjoying the meal that keeps on giving- the actual dinner, then the turkey sandwiches, then the leftovers for days after that.

Joining in since everyone else is taking an after dinner nap.

Catching up with your family for about an hour then spending the rest of the time celebrating.

Wondering if other families have holiday traditions that are as fun as yours.

Watching Thursday DAY AND NIGHT Football.

Watching Dinner is Served, Snoopy Style-A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving & seeing Peppermint Patty go nuts.

Deciding whether it’s appropriate or not to start holiday shopping on Thanksgiving & if you’ll go to a store that’s open.

Knowing that tomorrow you will be celebrating Black Friday or putting up holiday decorations. It’s a post-Thanksgiving holiday bonus.

Cracking the dry turkey wishbone & making a wish for good luck.


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