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'Tis the Season for Holiday Parties


With the holiday season fast approaching, there will be A LOT OF PARTIES to go along with it. To have the BEST PARTY EXPERIENCE:


RSVP “Yes” or “No” to the invitation so the host/hostess has a head count for food & beverage.

Get permission from the host/hostess if you want to bring a plus-one guest if it’s not on the invite.

It’s okay to be fashionably late-15 or 30 minutes or fashionably early which is right on time-no sooner.

Always bring a host/hostess gift to say thanks.

Have a snack before you go so you don’t overeat when you get there.

Dress for the party as requested. If it’s a casual party, wear casual clothes. If it’s a fancy party, dress up!

Ask your host/hostess if they need help with anything & help them if they do.

Hold your beverage in your left hand so when you shake someone’s hand it’s not cold & wet.

Share good gossip only. Talk about all of the good things others have been up to.

Talk with everyone at the party. Be social. Move around. It’s more fun that way.

Know your drink limit. Nobody wants an intoxicated party guest.

Behave yourself or be remembered later for not behaving yourself.

Although it’s tempting, don’t go through your host’s cabinets & drawers.

If you need to leave early, stand at the entrance so you can mingle with everyone as they arrive.


Dress like the star of the party because you are!

Remember the best celebrations include all 5 senses so have festive decorations, cheerful music, holiday scents to fill the rooms, delicious food & greet all guests with hug as a nice touch.

Hold all cell phones at the door. It’s a party after all!

Make it your mission to introduce everybody to everybody at the party & give name tags to all.

Have party games as ice breakers for your guests who want to play.

Offer nonalcoholic beverages & beer & wine only. Skip the hard alcohol. If you really want to control the amount of alcohol consumed, use drink vouchers.

Use appetizer sized plates so your guests take only the food they really want.

Have a unique food theme i.e. breakfast for dinner, bite-sized food for dinner, gourmet pizza for dinner etc. to make the food & the party more exciting.

Make your master bedroom off limits. No one needs to go in there. Put a Do Not Enter sign on the door.

Don’t throw out leftover food. Keep it, send it home with your guests or donate it to a soup kitchen.

Depending on the type of party, gift bags can be fun swag bags or fun real gift bags that you send home with your guests.

Have a last call so everyone knows when the party is over & it’s time to go home.


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