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Keeping Up With The Millennials


Attention Baby Boomers & Gen Xer’s-Do you want to keep your spirit young? Of course you do! One of the best ways to stay young at heart is to keep up with the Millennials (& Gen Zer’s too!) You can learn a lot from them & keep your spirit young. Here’s how:

Eat organic, natural & healthy. Not only should you do this for your health because good health is the greatest wealth, but the next best reason is that studies have shown that eating healthy can make you look & feel younger. Follow the lead of the Millennials who are doing this already.

Learn their language. Like a foreign language, you need to learn their language since many words & concepts weren’t around decades ago. Rather than avoid it-embrace it! Speak Millennial.

Value Life Experiences Over Material Possessions. Get that first stamp in your passport if you don’t already have it. Collect life experiences & not things. That’s what they do. Great memories are everlasting & you don’t have to dust them. Note: This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all of your material possessions. If they are tied to a great memory-keep them!

Use Social Media. It’s modern day communication, education & fun! With so many social media platforms, use the one that’s best for you then start connecting. Also, communicate via text message/video chat throughout the day. That’s the way they like it. It’s the best way to reach them & keep in touch.

Take at least one selfie. You might like it & want to take more. They can show you how.

Shop Where They Shop. Many retailers & online stores weren’t around when we were young. Well guess what. That’s where they shop & you should shop there if you want to dress youthful too.

Let Someone Else Do The Driving. Call for a ride service/taxi or take public transportation to take you where you need to go. Consider this instead of owning a car which you have to drive. They do.

Get a Pet. The younger generations totally love having a pet. A pet can be your best friend. They even have social events now for you & your pet. The world is more open to you & your pet more than ever before.

Enjoy social gatherings. Party rooms, game rooms, fitness rooms, any room that brings people together-Millennials are there. You should be too. Enjoy hanging out with others & being social.

Follow their trends. Read any articles & watch anything on the Millennial Trendsetters that you can. They’re influencing the future of the world right now.

Thanks to all the Millennials out there for your inspiration. Baby Boomers & Gen Xer’s-Here’s to keeping up with them!

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