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Daily Celebrations August 2017


Time to get your celebration on! Here you go:

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all our great neighbors in the north!

WORLD UFO DAY. Be on the lookout for a flying saucer with little green men.

It’s a HOLIDAY MONDAY so enjoy the day off. If you don’t have the day off, beg your boss.

Born in the USA
Made in the USA
R-o-c-k in the U-S-A
Everything in the USA
American Celebration

BIKINI DAY. Why not.

Kiss Kiss. It’s KISSING DAY.

CHOCOLATE DAY. Bring out the chocolate dipping fountain & start dipping!

July is ANTI-BOREDOM MONTH. Anything new counters boredom so do something new if it happens to you!

PINA COLADA DAY. That mini umbrella brings such Happiness.

PRIME DAY. I’ll take one of everything.

ESCAPE THE BUILDING & have a picnic lunch. It’s PICNIC MONTH.


Let’s join the party & celebrate all things French for BASTILLE DAY!

NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY. Hunt down an ice cream truck & get some ice cream. It’s adventure & dessert!

WORLD EMOJI DAY to tide you over until the Emoji Movie.

NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY. Eat a hot dog with your favorite toppings & plan a trip to Frankfurt Germany to see where it all began.

WORLD JUMP DAY. Jump in the air & have a photo taken to capture your celebration.

NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY-a day to see if you can resist temptation. If you can’t resist, remember it is back to healthy food tomorrow.

Sunday Celebration: NATIONAL PARENT’S DAY! Time to call or visit the Rents!

COUSIN’S DAY. Cuz they’re like a sibling & a best friend. They’ve got your back cuz they’re family. Cuzins are for life!

CELL PHONE COURTESY MONTH since your cell is misbehavin. Turn the ringer off. Take it to a private place to talk or put it away. Make it obey.

AUNTS AND UNCLES DAY. Aunts & Uncles are just the coolest!

Lemonade, Iced Tea or a Slurpee-it’s NATIONAL REFRESHMENT DAY so bring on the refreshers!

PAPERBACK BOOK DAY. Fight evil. Read books. Knowledge is power. Get my Body Passport ebook/book on the Shop Page of this website & power-up!

WORLD RANGER DAY. Here’s to the protectors of the parks & wildlife heroes!

Now what are you going to celebrate today? Celebrate every day!

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