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Finding Quiet In A Noisy World


Quiet is really hard to find nowadays. There are lots of people everywhere! Here are some suggestions to help you achieve Zen:

Be a homebody & stay in because at home you control the volume

Fall asleep to white noise which smooths out other noise

Let your hair dry naturally & skip the noisy hairdryer

Study or work in a public library for peace & quiet

Spend evenings after work & weekends in nature

Use noise-cancelling headphones when you are using a leaf blower, lawn mower & snow blower

Go out to restaurants during non-peak hours to minimize the noise

Avoid using those supersonically loud dryers for your hands in the restrooms that have them

Escape to your car for quiet if you need to, anytime, even at work during lunch or a break

Use noise-cancelling headphones on an airplane

Vacation in quiet places & avoid popular destinations filled with people. Vacation in the quieter months of May & September

Go scuba diving or snorkeling & enjoy the peaceful underwater sound

Go sailing away from land & people

Wear ear plugs at concerts & anytime you are in a stadium which is probably the loudest place of all or just don’t go there

Go to a jazz club or piano bar for a softer sound instead of going to a wildly loud nightclub

Use your fingers as earplugs whenever you need to

Leave somewhere if it gets too loud

Take a noise detox day with no alarm going off, no TV on, no dishwasher or washing machine running & spend the day doing quiet activities instead such as reading, taking a nap, playing chess, doing yoga, etc

Ahhh...peace & quiet

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