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Mighty Motivators July 2017


It’s the return of the Mighty Motivators! Here they are:

If a nail color makes you happy then it’s the right color for you.

Leave The Office Early Day. Get approval & get all of your work done or it may be Look For A New Job Day tomorrow.

Practice sustainable living by doing the 3 R’s-Reducing, Recycling & Reusing. You know what to do. Just do it.

Cancer Survivors Day. Survivors & those who are still fighting: Your courage & strength is an inspiration to us all.

Earth is not a trash can.

Gardening Exercise Day so start a garden & get some exercise!

Glasses used to be for nerds. Not anymore. Now they define your style & highlight your personality.

Here’s how to exercise on a budget: Run. All you need is a t-shirt, shorts & sneakers.

YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND is a nice compliment for anyone who goes above & beyond for you.

 There are over 7 billion people in the world and over 7 billion definitions of Happiness.

A thornless rose means Love at First Sight.

Stargaze across the universe for a shooting star.

From my Body Passport book: Give blood. Use your body’s resources to save others. Be a LifeSaver.
From my Body Passport book: You can do just about anything with a smile so just keep smiling!

Find any reason you can to eat more veggies.

Wear a watch to remember that life is short & every minute counts.

Being busy is doing stuff. Being productive is getting stuff done.

It’s the start of summer! Enjoy 16 hours of daylight today-more time for more fun & more days like it yet to come. Have unending fun this summer!

Make a list of the 2-3 things you want to accomplish each day then get them done!

Test your endurance: See how long you can hold a yoga pose without falling over.

Celebrate Camping Month & go camping even if it’s just in your own backyard. Your neighbors may wonder what is going on but have fun.

This summer is going to be hot!!! Celebrate National Hydration Day all summer long. Refuel & keep cool!

Let It Go Day. Write down your negative thoughts & delete them/throw them away. Your thoughts just need a personal assistant to help you move on.

If you lived in the moment, you will remember the details about it.

Fruit. It’s nature’s candy.

YOU ARE LIMITLESS. You can just get smarter & smarter & stronger & stronger.

Strike A Pose: The minute you walk out the door you are on camera everywhere and don’t forget all the selfies & photos too.

The fireworks have already started.

Thanks for visiting & come back soon!

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