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Daily Celebrations June 2017


Celebrating & celebration. That’s what these Daily Celebrations are all about. Take a look:

LAW DAY. The best law of all: The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

May is Photo Month. Go beyond a selfie & take some amazing photos of nature, pets & friends-then take some more!

Garden Meditation Day to find quiet to quiet the mind. A garden is a perfect place to find inner peace. Just meditate & think good things.

In a galaxy not so far away, it’s Star Wars Day so grab a lightsaber & May The Force Be With You!

Here’s hoping that a Mariachi band serenades you. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

BEVERAGE DAY. Enjoy your favorite beverage then try a new one just for fun!

LEMONADE DAY. Peel your lemons & make lemonade. Open up your own stand, brand it your way & sell millions of glasses of lemonade.

Ladies-it’s Women’s Check-up Day so get your annual physical, wellness exam & health screenings. Let prevention be your best medicine.

A BIG “THANK YOU” to all teachers on this Teacher Appreciation Day. Students are able to realize their full potential because of you.

MOTHER OCEAN DAY. Go there & enjoy it if you are close. If not, find the ocean on YouTube in an ocean relaxation video with ocean sounds.

Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo … You have entered another dimension: The Twitter Twilight Zone. It’s Twilight Zone Day.

Before you put the pedal to the metal check your odometer for Odometer Day. Get your car serviced regularly so it’s ready for more adventure.

MINI GOLF DAY. It may be mini but you still want to win. Go putt putt like a pro.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Moms out there! Thanks for all that you do! Enjoy your special day!

STRAW HAT DAY. Make a straw hat, sunglasses & sunscreen your favorite summertime outfit & don’t forget some clothes too!

DRAWING DAY. You may be the next Van Gogh so go draw something, draw anything & find out.

SALAD MONTH. If you have some bread with a salad it might be considered a sandwich.

VISIT YOUR RELATIVES DAY. You can be closer with your family thanks to technology.

BIKE TO WORK DAY. Show up to work on a Harley.

ARMED FORCES DAY. To those who serve: Today we salute you. Thank you all for your service!

MEMO DAY. Memo: Note to Self is the new memo

It’s Monday the something…

TIP TUESDAY. Live like you don’t know how old you are.

Ladies: You deserve to be Queen for a day-it’s Tiara Day! Wear a tiara all day & don’t forget to wear it on your birthday!

Planes, trains & automobiles-the holiday weekend is finally here! Be safe out there & enjoy Memorial Day weekend!

SUNSCREEN DAY. Shade. It’s nature’s sunscreen.

INDY 500 RACE DAY. Have a 200 mph Sunday Funday!

MEMORIAL DAY.  US flags at half-staff to honor/remember fallen heroes of the U.S. Armed Forces. Then full staff=the nation lives on.

After a long holiday weekend, today has Tuesday Motivation written all over it.

Save Your Hearing Day all year long. Use earplugs at concerts. Turn down the volume for your earbuds. Just leave if something is too loud.

Remember, there are 365 days a year to celebrate and at least 365 things to celebrate-so celebrate every day!

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