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Skin is "In"


Skin is “In”.  Skin is going to be the most popular outfit of the summer & it’s also a chapter in my Body Passport book. Here’s some “skin”spiration just for you:

Your skin is your body’s coat. Certain things like smoking cigarettes, taking illegal drugs, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol & sunbathing/using tanning beds all dry out your skin & age it prematurely. They all eventually make you look really old & may cause cancer. Not even a good moisturizer can help that.

Your birthday suit is the most comfortable outfit you will ever own. It fits perfectly every time.

You are a spiritual being traveling with a Body Passport. You are on a human journey. Your spirit is what is underneath it all. Don’t let anything else or anyone get under your skin. Nothing else belongs there.

Your dry skin eventually turns to dust. Be comfortable in your own skin with all aspects of your life, or shed them like your skin & turn them into dust.

The origin of your skin color is this:
If you have dark skin color, it means your ancestors lived closer to the equator & needed the color for protection from the intense rays of the sun. If you have light skin color, it means they lived further away from the equator & didn’t need the color since they didn’t have the intense sun exposure. It doesn’t mean anything else-so don’t judge a person by the color of their skin, dark or light. Their skin color hasn’t done anything wrong.

Some other thoughts about skin:

Make water your beverage of choice to hydrate your skin

You may need to make moisturizing a hobby especially as you get older to have really silky skin-so moisturize, moisturize & moisturize!

Shade. It’s nature’s sunscreen & it’s perfect for your skin. With other sunscreens that you apply to your skin, find one with the SPF that’s right for you & that doesn’t irritate your skin.

If you like what you have read so far, you can get my Body Passport book on the Shop Page of this website. The print copy is a limited edition & you get a free logo dog tag & chain with a purchase of the print copy only while supplies last. (Dog tag not shown on this website)

Most importantly, thanks for visiting & come back soon!

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