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Daily Celebrations March 2017


Daily Celebrations are the best. You get to celebrate something every day which is fantastic. Enjoy these Daily Celebrations & get ready to celebrate!

Happy February! From Groundhog Day to Valentine’s Day & President’s Day to Super Bowl & Mardi Gras-celebrate the excitement of February!

Groundhog Day-as reliable as any other long term weather forecast. Watch & enjoy this groundhog show. Think Spring!

National Wear Red Day for women’s heart health. Wear your favorite red outfit & visit for more info. Go Red Wear Red!

World Cancer Day. Fight cancer with prevention. Use sunscreen, eat healthy & exercise. To those impacted-you are in our thoughts & prayers.

Super Bowl LI. Here’s to having the most touchdowns ever, the funniest commercials & the greatest halftime show! Enjoy the Super Bowl!

February is Bird-Feeding Month. Does tweeting count? I feed Twitter every day with original & unique tweets.

Be Dr. Fix It: Update the virus protection for your computer. It’s Safer Internet Day.

Laugh & Get Rich (In Life) Day. Laughter can lead to greater creativity & productivity & richer life experiences so go ahead & laugh!

Caviar? No, pizza. Foie gras? No, pizza. Nothing else will due-it’s National Pizza Day!

Happy Friday! It’s almost Valentine’s weekend! Enjoy this day of total distraction.

Satisfied Staying Single Day. If you are, go out & party!

World Marriage Day-the perfect day every year to formally or informally renew your wedding vows & say “I do” again & again & again & again.

Take lots of selfies-it’s Madly In Love With Me Day! Spend some extra time admiring yourself in the mirror too!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you a day filled with sweetness, bliss & happiness!

February is Heart Month so take care of yours & exercise. Remember, exercise is a personal victory over the couch.

Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day. Help her build a building with Legos, make a robot with spare parts & test different paper airplane designs.

Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day. Take her to a science museum & encourage her to participate in a science fair.

Random Acts Of Kindness Day. Please send any unwanted reusable bags to family & friends who live in Chicago. We need ‘em to grocery shop!

Pluto Day. We all rooted but Pluto still got booted. No matter what, Pluto is still up there.

Chocolate Mint Day. Be a good scout: Support the Girl Scouts & buy some Thin Mints.

President’s Day. To celebrate, since you earned some presidents & saved some presidents, today is a perfect day to spend some presidents.

It’s Card Reading Day so read every greeting card ever given to you & reminisce…

Yoga Day. Test your endurance & see how long you can hold a yoga pose without falling over.

Walking the Dog (&You) Day. Walk the dog wherever you want but remember to clean up after them since there is no poop fairy.

Back & forth & back & forth-it’s Play Tennis Day! Play table tennis aka ping pong & satisfy your need for faster speed.

Library Lovers Month. Amongst the towers of books inspiration resides.

No Bad Cooks: Everyone is pretty good at making breakfast so when others ask “Can you cook?” say “Yes! Breakfast!”

Levi Strauss Day. Jeans keep you fit since they don’t stretch. Tailor them to your body type to wow the crowd. Wear you best pair everywhere.

Pokémon Day. Pokémon Go out & catch one of those special Party Pikachus wearing a festive party hat!

Mardi Gras 2017. Have your own Mardi Gras, throw some beads & eat Cajun cuisine!

Don’t let the celebrations end here. Keep celebrating!

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