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The Right Connection


The more connections you have the better your chances for success. Connections help you to find new opportunities, new information & new relationships. Not only in business but in life it’s about the right connection to achieve success. This is actually a chapter from my Body Passport book: The Right Connection. Here are a few tips from that chapter:

Only date or marry a person with whom you have chemistry. Otherwise, it’s a waste of your time and theirs. Even actors have to take a chemistry test before each movie to see if they’re compatible.

Connecting with your partner on as many levels as possible-spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical-is a road map for success. The theory “opposites attract” only works for magnets.

Getting married is a choice. Having children is a choice. Don’t let someone else choose for you or pressure you into doing either of these things. You choose or it will be a life sentence. You may choose to remain single because it’s all you can live with and all you can take. Your declaration of independence is a constitutional right.

There will be family matters because family matters. Nothing matters more as a matter of fact.

Roll call of the substitute parents: the TV, the iPad, video games, the computer, the cell phone, the MP3 player. Both parents and children pay the price when a substitute parent is called in too often.

Remember to say “I love you” to those you love before you hang up the phone or say goodbye because it may be the last time you ever speak to or see them. For real.

Your circle of friends may change over time, but your true friends will remain. Your circle isn’t complete without them. Friendship rings, bracelets, and other friendship gifts were created with this in mind, as a sign of your long-standing friendships. You should give them something for sticking around so long.

If you would like to read more exciting chapters like this, you can get my Body Passport book or ebook on the Shop Page of this website.

Here’s hoping that you find all of the right connections for success!

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