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Daily Celebrations January 2017


Celebrate Monday. Celebrate Tuesday. Celebrate Wednesday. Celebrate Thursday. Celebrate Friday. Celebrate Saturday. Celebrate Sunday. Celebrate every day of the week! Let these Daily Celebrations inspire you:

Pie Day so think about the symbol for Pi. It means that anything & everything is possible. Apply this to your daily life & have π every day.

Faux Fur Friday. If you must wear fur, let it be faux. Wear animal-friendly fur always.

Make A Gift Day. Time to search a craft/hobby store for ideas. Once you find one, you are ready to create a masterpiece for your special someone.

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly. Wear your favorite holiday sweater or holiday tie on this holiday season Sunday Funday.

Ninja Day-a day to celebrate discipline, strategy & self-reliance. Discover your own inner ninja & take charge of your life.

December is Write a Business Plan Month. Do it now for 2017 if you haven’t done so already. The success of your business depends on it.

It’s the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. A moment of silence please on this Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to honor those who sacrificed.

Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day-but you already are. Watch for the future in the news & elsewhere. It’s already here in part. You can see it-look.

Lost And Found Day so look under your bed, car seat & sofa cushions then check the pockets of your clothes & see what treasure you can find.

Human Rights Day. Pray for the rights of all people. It costs you nothing & it sends good karma out into the world. Do more if you can.

World Choral Day-a day to feel uplifted by song so sing along with a choir group or attend a concert & listen to celebrate.

What a beautiful day-it’s Poinsettia Day! The beauty of it is its red star-shaped leaves. Get yourself one of these festive beauties.

National Cocoa Day. On the 13th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 13 marshmallows floating in a cup of hot cocoa.

There’s going to be a lot of monkey business & monkeying around today-it’s Monkey Day. Life can be a zoo.

Put on your pretty pearls-it’s Pearl Necklace Day! Pearls are classy, elegant & sophisticated. They’re timeless.

Cat Herders Day to celebrate work that is challenging like herding cats. If it’s rewarding-keep it. If not, round-up something new.

Score one for the underdogs-it’s Underdog Day. They defy the odds, never give up & find a way. Go Underdogs go!

Calling all creators: It’s Wright Brothers Day-a day for your idea to take flight. Work it, work it, then watch it fly.

(If above freezing outside)-Bake Cookies Day so bake some cookies & take them around the neighborhood & offer all of your neighbors a cookie! Season’s Greetings!

(If below freezing outside)-Bake Cookies Day so bake some cookies to keep yourself warm. Share them with your neighbors so they can keep warm too!

It’s Motivation Monday so look no further than this website to inspire, to motivate & to empower you. It’s all for you.

Go from the work zone to the fun zone-it’s Games Day. Play your favorite games with friends or on your own to relax & have fun.

Look On The Bright Side Day so wear sunglasses inside & outside because the Bright Side is so bright.

Re-gifting Day. Reconsider re-gifting. Rather, make it your mission to find someone who likes & wants the item & just give it to them.

Roots Day of your ancestry. With family in town for the holidays, it’s a terrific time to trace your family tree.

Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Everything! Merry Christmas!

And the holiday celebrations continue. Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Boxing Day! Enjoy the celebrations!

Inspirational Tuesday. This website is an Oasis From Life. Visit here to be inspired & refuel with inspiration.

Card Playing Day or you can just play with the cards. Shuffle the deck, flick the cards in the air or build a house of cards for fun.

Tick Tock Day. Time is ticking for 2016. What do you want to accomplish before the year is over? Finish 2016 with an accomplishment.

Please-Do Not Disturb-it’s No Interruptions Day. Use it if U need to, to get everything squared away on this last working day before New Years.

Champagne Day or another sparkling beverage is perfect for this New Year’s Eve. Toast this eve & throughout the year. Toast to life!

How’s that for inspiration? Are your ready to celebrate? Great! Go celebrate!

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