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Mighty Motivators December 2016


The Mighty Motivators have some final motivation & inspiration for you for 2016. Enjoy!

Go the Extra Mile Day for you to stand out. Take on extra projects & do the things others won’t do to get extra opportunities & results.

Stress Awareness Day x 365 days a year. Technology/work cause the most. U hold a lot of it in your head. Get a scalp massage to relax.

The Chicago Cubs are the 2016 World Series Champions!!! Congratulations Cubs! This isn’t a dream. This is reality. Fly the W.

Ladies-create your own super cool lady cave to get away from it all. If you live in a small space, your cave might be your entire place.

Remember s to relieve stress: sleeping, stretching, socializing, shopping, seeing sports or shows, squeezing a stress ball & a soothing spa

Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day. These 2 superfoods paired together make a 5 star dessert. Bite into some & get your healthy on!

Cappuccino Day so enjoy a cup & imagine you are sipping it in a café in Rome. Let your mind wander. Then your body might follow & take you there.

World Freedom Day to appreciate all freedoms including the pursuit of Happiness. You are free to pursue Happiness in your own way every day.

Semper Fi is a term used by the Marines & it means always loyal. Be inspired to be always loyal to those you love.

Origami Day to celebrate the art of folded paper. Make some ornate origami or if you prefer just make a simple paper airplane.

Enjoy your sense of humor. It’s okay to be the one who laughs hardest at your own jokes.

Clean Your Refrigerator Day so clean out the fridge before the family gets into town for the holidays. If it’s already clean-yahoo!

Bits & pieces of information over time are easier to digest than an encyclopedia all at once.

Recall the mentors in your life. They saw your potential & encouraged you. Now be a mentor to enlighten another. Be Yoda.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the answers to the clues you are given to fulfill your destiny.

Practice morning affirmations: Wake up/Thank You I’m Alive! Look in the mirror/Hello Beautiful! Head out/I Love You World!

Life is a trip. Be sure to pack your rose colored glasses.

For the best celebrations include all 5 senses-taste, touch, sight, sound & smell-as part of the “sense”ational celebration!

Thank yourself for all of your hard work on this Thanksgiving Day.

Life is finding & collecting pearls (of wisdom) so you can make your own beautiful necklace.

A themed Monday is so much better than a typical Monday. Thanks Cyber Monday!

My morning routine includes using 5 Q-Tips after showering to clean my ears, nose & belly button.

You can leave your holiday lights up for as long as you like after the holidays to brighten your mood during the remaining winter months.

This motivation & inspiration doesn’t have to end. More of it is found in my Body Passport book. It’s available on the Shop Page of this website. Get it as a present for yourself this holiday season!

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