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Body Vitals Not to be Missed


The following excerpt is from my Body Passport book from the chapter titled “Body Vitals Not to be Missed”. I hope that you find it to be both enlightening & fun. Here goes:

Smile as much as possible because it instantly makes you more beautiful! It’s the best kept beauty secret. Smiling shows people you’re happy and other people are drawn to happy people like magnets. You can do just about anything with a smile on your face, so just keep smiling. Show those pearly whites.

Laugh often. Laugh out loud. Laugh until you cry. Laugh until it hurts. Laugh so hard you make someone else start to laugh. Spread your laughter one laugh at a time. You’ll end up laughing even more.

Women love to talk. They’re speaking all the time. They don’t stop. There’s nothing you can do about it but just sit back and listen. Thanks, ladies. Talk, talk, talk. Listen, listen, listen.

Here’s your personality type in action: Introverts want to get away and be by themselves. Extroverts want to go with them and can’t stop talking about it. That’s just the way it is. Your personality understands you even if no one else does.

There you have it. Some of the Body Vitals Not to be Missed. Do you want more of them? You can find them in my Body Passport book. You can buy it on the Shop Page of this website. The print copy is a limited edition and there’s a free gift with purchase while supplies last. They’re going quickly so get yours today. As always, thank you for visiting this website!

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