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Mighty Motivators October 2016


Get excited-the Mighty Motivators have returned! They’re here to help you to be all that you can be. Check them out:

Coming Soon: 2017. Set the table now for a successful year. Plan & prepare to succeed in 2017.

Last Call. It’s the last call for summer fun-so live it up! Last call…

Buy a Book Day. Yes, of course you can get my Body Passport book. It’s available as an ebook or print book on the Shop Page of this website.

&&& It’s Ampersand Day. Celebrate Responsibly. &&&

Pardon me. It’s Pardon Day to forgive yourself & others so that you can move on. Pardon to have peace & peace of mind. Set yourself free.

Back to school is tiring for everyone so you may need an extra something this weekend-nap, healthy snack, etc. Have it. School is back.

Video Games Day. Make your mind an arcade & play some video games. They put your mind in the fun zone. Attention all Gamers: Game on!

Eat a box of fortune cookies & everything will go right today.

The word smart contains the word art. Finding words in words, combining or rhyming words is fun & you are inspiring yourself.

Step Family Day. This blended family provides as much love as a traditional family. Celebrate blending-make a cake, mix smoothies-as a family.

Respect Day. Listening is a sign of respect. Stay “tuned in” to the person you are speaking with.

Start each day with a reason to celebrate…Every day there’s something in the world to celebrate. From my Body Passport book.

Stupidity is draining. Stupidity is exhausting. Run as soon as you encounter it. Run to Genius.

International Day of Peace. The peace sign was created because it’s needed. Use it as a greeting or as a gesture when settling a dispute.

Dear Dairy Day. Keep a journal of the important things in your life. It’s easier to recall the details in the moment rather than looking back.

Believe in the goodness of Mankind & of Womankind too!

Situational Awareness Day. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Take a break, put your cell phone down & look around. If driving, no cell phone at all.

World Tourism Day. With so many great places in the U.S., travel domestically, support our economy & experience our different regional cultures.

Be a Good Neighbor Day. Get to know your neighbors better. Stop & say “Hello” This can lead to new friendships & block parties.

World Heart Day. Take good care of your heart & live a long life. Take good care of someone else’s heart & tell them you love them.

That’s all the Mighty Motivators have for you right now-but don’t worry. There will be more. Thanks for visiting & come back soon!

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