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The World Can't Get Enough of You


Here is an excerpt from my Body Passport book. It’s from the chapter titled “The World Can’t Get Enough of You” (because it really can’t!) Take a look:

There are more opportunities for you to become famous more than ever before. Opportunities are knocking all of the time, especially on TV and the internet. You can create or invent something, brand something, design something, write a book, audition for reality TV or go onto a talent competition show. The world is your oyster. Go out and get your pearl. Then take a walk down your own red carpet.

You’re the writer, director, producer and actor of your own life. Get a makeover or reinvent yourself if you want to make a fresh start. Then start making your new movie sequel. It really is all about you.

If you want to change your appearance, you have so many choices-they seem endless. Endless shades of hair color, endless brands and types of make-up and endless fashion choices. People are happier with more choices since it allows them a greater means for self-expression. You can express yourself in unending style by getting aboard and riding your own fashion train.

Remember you have the ability to surprise yourself with talents you never knew you had. You’re not born with just one talent. You are multi-talented. What are your talents? What are your strong suits?

Hopefully you like what you have read so far. The intent of my book is to help you to achieve the Happiness you deserve. If you would like to get a copy either as an ebook or as a print book, it’s available for purchase on the Shop Page of this website. Thanks for visiting!

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