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Daily Celebrations September 2016


Here are the most recent daily celebrations. Going forward, if you would like to receive these on a daily basis, please follow me on Twitter @gotmyhappy. As always, they are meant to inspire, empower & motivate you. I hope they do. Here you go.

Hey Ladies-it’s Girlfriends Day so get together & celebrate your friendships. Celebrate with your girl squad & do your favorite things.

Coloring Book Day to relax & feel like a kid again. It’s the new adult hobby. If you are nostalgic, use a kids coloring book instead.

Watermelon Day. It’s a food that hydrates you with the word water even in its name. Refresh yourself with WATERmelon all summer long.

August is Golf Month so take the perfect shot to get a hole in one. Just keep taking them until you do.

Work Like A Dog Day i.e. your typical day. It’s a great day to remind your boss of your efforts & success & position yourself for a raise.

Good Luck to our U.S. Olympians in Rio. Bring home the Gold & lots of it!

Be the one everyone wants to talk to. Have Fresh Breath Day always. Keep it fresh so that talking with you is a breath of fresh air.

It’s a total lovefest today-it’s American Family Day, Sisters Day & Friendship Day so share your love with those you love.

Happiness Happens Day. Express yours as it happens today. Encourage others to do the same. Let’s have a record-breaking day of Happiness!

Book Lovers Day. A book for you to love-mine. Body Passport is available on the Shop Page of this website. It’s Attainable, Real Happiness in the Real World.

August is Family Fun Month. See how much fun you & your family can have this month. It’s a family fun challenge. Have unending fun & find out.

Son and Daughter Day. To all proud parents-it’s a day to appreciate & celebrate your Mini Me. Be a kid with your kid & enjoy this day.

Vinyl Record Day. They’re works of art all dressed in black & fitted with jackets. Spin ‘em if you got ‘em! Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Left Handers Day. Surprise everyone & give them a high-five, handshake, fist bump or thumbs-up with your left hand. Be a lefty today.

Social Security Day. You can print your lifetime earnings statement as a guide to help you. No charge for this.

Relaxation Day to relax your body, mind & spirit. That’s a lot to relax so relax today, tomorrow, and so on and so on…

OK Jokesters. It’s Tell A Joke Day. Tell as many jokes as you like but keep it clean so no one gets hurt.

Thrift Store Day. If you donate, you get a tax deduction at charity-driven ones. If you shop, you get a unique selection & great prices for a win-win.

Bad Poetry Day-not bad just beginner. Write some poetry today without judgement. Remember Shakespeare was once a beginner too.

Men’s Grooming Day-a day for the guys to get all spiffed up. After all of that, you can hit the town with your spiffy new look since it’s Friday.

World Humanitarian Day. Help another human in need today. Every act of kindness makes a difference.

Honey Bee Day so enjoy the gift they give us-honey. It’s a natural sweetener as sweet as pure sugar & it’s as precious as liquid gold.

Radio Day. Thanks to all radio broadcasters for being the messengers of sound. You fill each day & night with words, laughter & music.

Ooh La La. August is Romance Awareness Month & today is Sunday Funday. It’s a perfect pairing to rediscover what romance means to you & yours.

Be An Angel Day-but you already are. Your halo is visible from afar. Keep your good deeds going by doing more & more. An angel, yes you are.

Ride The Wind Day today or on the next windy day. Fly a kite or a kite train & ride the wind for uplifting fun. See how high it can fly.

Strange Music Day. Take your eardrums where they’ve never been before & play some strange music. Show no music bias. Just listen.

Settle your love disputes today-it’s Kiss And Make-Up Day so say you're sorry if needed & give a hug. It’s never too late to embrace love.

Dog Day. Every dog has its day & that day is today. Take them out & show them off because no dog is as special as your dog.

Just Because Day. Do it or buy it just because. You don’t need a reason to be good to yourself today. Be that way always.

Franchise Appreciation Day. Whatever you need, they are there for you-some even 24/7. Thanks to all for making life easier!

Bow Tie Day. It’s a tie of distinction that’s oh so classy worn by those who are style-minded. Achieve your bow tie status & wear one.

More Herbs, Less Salt Day for your health. Grow an indoor herb garden or buy a variety of herbs to use instead of a lot of salt for cooking.

It’s Slinky Day & you are feeling nostalgic. Get yours, go to a staircase immediately & make it go down the stairs. It’s Slinky! It’s Slinky!

We Love Memoirs Day. Mine is told as anecdotes of Happiness, a lifetime of Happiness in one book. It’s available on the Shop Page of this website.

There will be more daily celebrations to come. Thanks for visiting!

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