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Opening My Body Passport Book


For your reading enjoyment, here’s the Table of Contents from my Body Passport book. I made it just as inspiring as the rest of the book. Take a look:

Here’s the Story

The Story Continues


Body Vitals Not to be Missed

The Happy Inside Happiness

Here’s Your Gold Medal

Now a Very Hairy Situation

First Hairy, Now Gross

Skin is “In”

We’re Just People

The Right Connection

Nature’s Calling

A Time to Travel

Okay. Enough. Get Back to Work

Your Stress is Your Baggage

It’s So Great to Be You

The World Can’t Get Enough of You

Dress to Impress Yourself

Your Feet Need a Rest Stop

Energize Your Energy

The Thirst For It All

Finally, We Can Eat

Remove the Tag so There is No Size

Keep Renewing Your Body Passport

Your Age Is Just a Number That the Whole World Wants To Know

Mind/Body/Spirit Fusion

The Destiny of Life

Body Check so as Not to Wreck

Rated “H” for Human

The Spoken Word Masterpiece

Got My Happy … Right Now … Forever

For The Love of … Humanity

Your Body’s Age by the Numbers and It’s Corresponding Milestones

Body Image Test Answers

Body Passport Happiness Pledge

The Disclaimer Speaks

Body of Work


If you like what you have read so far, you can get my book on the Shop Page of this website. The print copy is a limited edition & there’s a free gift with purchase while supplies last. Thanks for visiting & come back soon!

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