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Keep Summer Going


Greetings! Even though this past Labor Day weekend marked the unofficial end of summer, you can keep doing the things you love regardless of the season such as:

Grilling. Use your grill not only for tailgating during the fall, but use it all year long. Use an indoor grill during the winter months for the best results for you as well as for the food. Then neither you nor the food will freeze.

Wearing White. If it’s a color that you love, keep wearing it. Why not. Who cares if it’s after Labor Day.

Going to the beach. The beach is quieter during the off-season making it a great place to get away & think or clear your head. Your choice.

Watching parades. Don’t forget to watch the Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day & St. Patrick’s Day parades. In your mind it will feel like summer.

Playing summer sports. Locate an indoor tennis court & play tennis or volleyball court & play volleyball. Since it’s indoors, you can wear shorts. If you prefer, locate an indoor swimming pool & swim.

Eating ice cream. This can go on all year long without question. Say “summer” when you eat it.

Keep the thoughts of summer going & keep doing what you love all year long!

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