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Mighty Motivators XIII


The Mighty Motivators have been very busy. They’ve been working overtime to provide you with even more motivation. Here are their latest and greatest efforts:

Running is your body’s natural expression of freedom. Both your mind & body feel free so put on your running shoes & run!

Being busy is doing stuff. Being productive is getting stuff done.

Repeat Day. The best things in life are worth repeating so repeat something you love doing. Think of it as double Happiness.

Drive-In Movie Day. Do this today, plan for it later or go see a movie in the park. Everything is more fun outside in the summer even movies.

Being outside is good for the inside.

Having close friends who truly care about you & your success…priceless

Stress buster alert: Eating crunchy or chewy foods can relieve tension & help reduce stress.

It’s Friday so go anywhere but home. If you are at home then go out. Happy Friday!

Take a deep breath & exhale. Do this as often as you need to since it’s Monday. Infuse yourself with oxygen.

World Blood Donor Day. From my Body Passport book “Give blood. Use your body’s resources to save others. Be a Life Saver.”

Your smile power worked. I’m wearing the smile you gave me & it didn’t cost you anything.

Live each day with the same enthusiasm as when you see your food coming towards you in a restaurant.

Flip flop, flip flop-it’s Flip Flop Day. They make your feet feel so good like you are walking on sand. Wear your favorite pair nonstop.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads out there! Thanks for all that you do. Enjoy your special day!

Seize The Day to Seas The Day

World Music Day. To celebrate-sing. Sing along with elevator music. Sing Karaoke. Sing in the car or shower. Sing as often as & whenever you can.

Your intelligence is uncapped. You can get smarter & smarter without ever stopping. You can expand your mind.

This summer is going to be hot!!! Celebrate National Hydration Day all summer long. Drink gallons of fluid. Refuel to keep cool.

Swim A Lap Day. If you don’t know how to swim then learn. You may need it to save your life. If you do know how, break your lap record today.

Bad UV rays affect your eyes too. Make sure your sunglasses are UVA/B protected. Keep your eyes aka the window to your soul working properly.

Paul Bunyan Day to celebrate an all American folklore legend who stands tall, is strong & good-natured. Define what makes you a legend like PB.

Life goes by in the blink of an eye so take as many photos as you can to remember good times.

National Handshake Day to show goodwill to all U meet-so shake their hand. If you prefer, do a fist bump or give a peace sign instead.

That’s all the Mighty Motivators have for you right now but they’ll be back very soon to inspire you even more! Don’t forget to get your copy of my Body Passport book available on the Shop page of this website. It can help you if you are dealing with stressful life or work moments.

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