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More Daily Celebrations May Edition


The daily celebrations for May continue. Yes, there are even more! Besides helping you to celebrate every day, hopefully these celebrations make you laugh & inspire you as well. You can receive these every day on social media at @gotmyhappy if you like. Here goes:

Drawing Day. You may be the next Van Gogh. You never know. Relax & draw something special & find out.

May is Salad Month. When dining out have your dressing on the side. Dip your fork in it so you have dressing with each bite.

Visit Your Relatives Day in person, via a call or via the internet. You can be closer with your relatives if you want to be thanks to technology.

Notebook Day. Keep a notebook in your car, on your nightstand or in your purse so you are always ready to capture your genius ideas.

Be A Millionaire Day. Think/plan/work like a millionaire every day then let your life catch up so you are one.

Armed Forces Day to pay tribute to those in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard & Air Force. Thank you all for your service!

Maritime Day to commemorate seafarers, ships & their voyages. Visit a maritime museum, build a model ship or go on a boat ride to celebrate.

World Turtle Day- a day to slow down, go with the flow, come out of your shell & stick your neck out if you need to. Have a terrific Turtle Day!

Brothers Day to celebrate the bond between brothers. “Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood” & connect with yours today.

National Wine Day. Being wined & dined is fun for all. Drinking the wine is optional. Cheers to Happy Hour with your favorite beverage. 

Ladies-you deserve to be Queen for a day-it's #Tiara Day! Wear yours all day & don't forget to wear it on your birthday!

Towel Day so treat yourself to some new white fluffy towels. Enjoy the hotel experience at home to feel refreshed.

Red Nose Day. Laugh. Give. Help kids in need. Visit to get involved & watch the live TV special.

Sunscreen Day. Use it to block the sun to have more fun. Make it your summertime outfit & dress up in it every day.

Planes, trains & automobiles-the holiday weekend is finally here! Be safe out there & enjoy Memorial Day weekend!

Fire up the grill-it’s Hamburger Day. Life is better with options so have a hamburger, bison burger, turkey burger or mini burgers.

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines. Today is the 100th Indy 500. It’s so exciting! Have a 200 mph Sunday Funday!

Memorial Day to pay homage to the brave soldiers of the Armed Forces who lost their lives for our country & our freedom. Remember them today.

Save Your Hearing Day all year long. Use earplugs at concerts. Turn down the volume to your earbuds. Save your eardrums. Save your hearing.

For further inspiration, please visit the shop page of the website for my Body Passport book & a nice dog tag too. There’s a free gift with purchase of the print copy of my book while supplies last. It will make your summer even better!

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