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Daily Celebrations April Edition


It’s a day to celebrate. Actually every day is a day to celebrate. It's a key to Happiness. To inspire you to celebrate even more, here are my most recent posts & tweets on social media. You are welcome to follow me at @gotmyhappy if you like. Go ahead. Be inspired.

Think twice about everything today. It’s April Fool’s Day & the pranksters are on the loose.

Tangible Karma Day so leave pennies wherever you go today. Surprise others with a little fortune & good luck. It’s good luck for you too.

Find A Rainbow Day-a gift from nature that colors the sky. Keep looking up so U can see your very own rainbow in the sky.

Vitamin C Day so explore all of your C options-kale, kiwi, bell peppers, oranges & more. Load up on vitamin C & boost your immune system!

It’s Deep Dish Pizza Day & Caramel Day. Stop the press. Back in an hour. Every now & then U may need a break from your diet too. Adjust/plan for it.

Walking Day. Lace up & walk 30 min today. Invite co-workers, family, friends, neighbors & pets to go along. Form your own entourage.

World Health Day. Take good care of yourself. Get your yearly health exams. Eat healthy. Stay active & fit. Good health is the greatest gift.

All is Ours Day to appreciate all things we collectively share. From wildlife to nature & even to the air, please take care because we share.

Name Yourself Day to get your favorite nickname to stick. Tell everyone what it is today so the next time they see you they’ll know what to say.

Hello sisters. Hello brothers. It’s Siblings Day so connect with yours on this special day. Reach out & say “Hello” It will go a long way.

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. Horses have whisperers. Celebrate Pet Day & show yours some extra extra love today.

Walk On Your Wild Side Day. Let your hair down, wear animal print clothing & take off your shoes to cut loose. Be wild.

Make Lunch Count Day. Escape from your desk & have lunch out. Enjoy the experience with your co-workers. Share ideas, be social & have lunch.

Reach As High As You Can Day so get out there & make your dreams happen. No one is going to do it for you. What are you waiting for? Wait no more.

National Tax Day usually on this day but you are lucky. You have until 4/18/16. Celebrate if done or celebrate that you have extra time!

For further inspiration beyond this blog, my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport is available for purchase on the shop page of this website. There’s a free gift with purchase of the print copy while they last. Enjoy it! 

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