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More Daily Celebrations March Edition


Daily celebrations are the best. Life is more fun that way. Celebrating is also a way of expressing gratitude. Here are my latest celebration inspirations to encourage you to celebrate every day. You can receive these daily @gotmyhappy on social media if you like. Here goes:

A big congratulations to Chicago native Merrick Garland! He is the SCOTUS nominee! Let's get him confirmed!

Happy St. Patrick's Day & welcome to March Madness. It's a day full of fun & brackets so wear some green & go cheer for your favorite team.

Awkward Moments Day can happen any day & we all can relate. If they do, have fun with them & laugh. Being able to laugh at yourself is relief.

Let's Laugh Day. Yes. Get my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport on the shop page of this website. Humor is included. (& so is a free gift with purchase of a print copy while they last)

Winter has finally gone away. Spring begins today. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Every day is an International Day of Happiness at @gotmyhappy on social media & at Find your Happiness here & celebrate. It's all about you.

Fragrance Day. Your mood & emotions are enhanced by fragrance. Delight in the memories it brings back. Enjoy the scent of fragrance.

Happy Birthday Twitter! Thank you for this worldwide community. Here's to the next Twitter 10 years. Got My Happy™ does love Twitter!

World Poetry Day. Poetry is a mix of intellect & emotion were mind & heart meet in a special way. Enjoy reading some today.

Goof Off Day to relax & take a break. Carry out your goofing off at work if U dare or after work when U can really cut loose & goof off.

Pray for Belgium. Pray for peace. Pray for the world.

Puppy Day to celebrate the joy of puppies! They love to give you love so pamper them & visit a puppy boutique. Their tails will wag.

Chocolate Covered Raisins Day & U think-movies! Watch at home or go to the movies & enjoy this treat. Upgrade to dark chocolate covered raisins-yes!

It's Good Friday & many will be observing this day. No matter your faith, peace be with you today & always.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Create a unique holiday. Celebrate it then submit it. Fingers crossed it becomes a holiday for all created by you!

Time to hunt for Easter eggs, baskets & bunnies. If you do this at home, it can be pretty funny.

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating. Every Sunday makes a perfect family day especially today. Happy Easter!

Something On A Stick Day-a food holiday. Eat as many foods on a stick as you can today or have one entire meal-all courses-with food on a stick.

Mom & Pop Business Owners Day so support your local Mom & Pop shop. Gift yourself for all of your hard work. You deserve it.

I Am In Control Day-a self-empowerment awareness day. This day applies to your Happiness as well as your decisions. You are in control of both.

World Back Up Day- a reminder to protect your data so back it up. Then celebrate Crayola Crayon Day & go color. Relax & feel like a kid again.

So would you like more inspiration beyond this? Purchase my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport. It's available on the shop page of this website. There's a free gift with purchase of the print copy while supplies last. The book is meant to help you. It's Attainable, Real Happiness in the Real World.

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