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Daily Celebrations March Edition


So how are your celebrations coming along? Are you celebrating something every day? These are my latest tweets & posts from social media to help & to encourage you to celebrate. You can follow if you like at @gotmyhappy to get these inspirations daily. Remember, every day there is something to celebrate!

Leap into love. Leap into freedom. Leap into whatever makes you happy. Go ahead-it's Leap Day!

Happy New Month! Happy March! Spring is on its way & will be here soon. Enjoy today.

March is Nutrition Month. Key Nutrition players: a nutritionist, healthy food, vitamins & food labels. Create your best team with these players.

I Want You To Be Happy Day. Yes! Read all of the blogs on this page & see. Then buy my book since it can help you even more. It's available for purchase on the shop page of this website. Free gift with order of the print copy while supplies last.

Employee Appreciation Day for a boss at any level to recognize/reward their employees. Gift cards work well on short notice. Cash even better.

Happy 179th Birthday Chicago! My hometown, sweet home Chicago!

Women's History Month. Go find the history of world changing women in a museum, art gallery, theater or community event. Bring history to life.

Namesake Day to explore the legacy behind your name-so go exploring. You have much to celebrate: Namely You!

National Be Heard Day for small business to turn up your marketing megaphone to loud! Make your presence known on social media & other media.

International Women's Day. Women supporting other women-it's a beautiful thing. Here's to all the amazing women out there. Thanks for all you do.

Get Over It Day to remove the trivial things lingering in your head. Have fun getting rid of them. Write them down & throw them out.

Day Of Awesomeness for you to appreciate your own awesomeness & the awesomeness of the people & things around you. Just be you: You are awesome!

Johnny Appleseed Day for an American legend. To celebrate eat an apple & apple chips & use some apple cider vinegar to strengthen your core.

Plant A Flower Day so go plant some flowers. Gardening is Zen & you can welcome spring with flowers!

Good Morning to the Walking Tired. Today is Daylight Saving Time so move your clocks ahead. Thank goodness this only happens once a year.

Napping Day to get over the time change from yesterday. Take one if you need to. 10-20 minutes is okay-longer than that the benefit goes away.

National Napping Day. As long as we all don't take one at the same time, everything will be okay.

National Shoe The World Day to help those who need shoes. Look in your closet for any new or gently used shoes you don't need & donate them today.

Artichoke Hearts Day to celebrate a very healthy, nutritious & delicious vegetable & it's grown in California! Become an artichoke fan today.

There will be many, many, many more celebrations to come! In the meantime, get my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport for further inspiration. It's available on the shop page of this website. There's a free gift with purchase of a print copy while supplies last. Why buy it? It's Real Attainable Happiness in the Real World. It can help you to deal with stressful life or work moments. Retail $14.95 Website only $10 plus shipping in the US. Treat yourself & enjoy!                                                                                 book 

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