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Mighty Motivators IX


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Welcome to Monday! Happy Monday! The Mighty Motivators are ready to share their newly created inspirational thoughts & quotes. Hopefully, these inspirations will help you to be happy. They're original & are as follows:

Stay on track. Leave the sidetracks for others.

Work harder (do what others won't) & work smarter (ongoing betterment) to achieve success. Be unstoppable-work harder & smarter

World Cancer Day. Look at your controllable factors eating healthy, using sunscreen, exercise etc. to prevent it. Fight cancer with prevention.

Weekender: It's a fun & games weekend-its' Super Bowl 50! See what other fun & games you can come up with to have more fun.

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey & eat a box of fortune cookies for good luck

Mardi Gras is a celebration in preparation to fast. Even preparation can be a celebration.

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.-Jim Rohn

Beware of the chair. Sitting is the new smoking. If you sit at work all day, get up & move every hour. Take a walk at lunch & breaks.

Weekender: Hearts & cupids, flowers, chocolates & balloons-Valentine's Day is almost here! The wait is finally over. Have a lovely weekend!

Show patriotism on this Presidents' Day & display the American flag or wear red, white & blue.

Get your creativity out of the comfort zone. Do something different-go to the opera, listen to jazz, watch sci-fi, view contemporary art, etc.

Improve the world immediately: just be kind.

Wine & cheese get better with age. Life gets better when U live as though you don't know your age.

To beat the winter blues do something new. You decide what to do in your quest for something new. Enjoy the weekend!

Use Monday motivation to fuel up so you are ready to drive for the rest of the week.

Humble pie is always in season. There's always a victory celebration that calls for it.

Help as many as you can. This is why you're here. You'll uplift yourself & make your soul feel at home as well.

Look at yourself in the mirror & see what's good about you. Look at a photo of yourself & see what's good about you.

Celebrate Hollywood this weekend. Have your own Oscar party gathering with the stars in your life.

Leap into love. Leap into freedom. Leap into whatever makes you happy. Go ahead. It's Leap Day.

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