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Mighty Motivators VIII


Graduation Cap
Inspiration. Motivation. Empowerment. This is what the Mighty Motivators are all about. They have returned once again to share their wisdom with you as follows:

Get everything you deserve in 2016: Envision. Believe. Work. Persist. Receive.

You can leave your holiday lights up for as long as you like to brighten your spirits during the winter months. Since there is no rule, you decide.

Invest your change wisely. Put all of your change into a piggy bank. It's a back to basics investment strategy.

Pick Bobblehead Day giveaway day when going to a sporting event. Get there early, right when the doors open, to get yours before they're gone.

Weekender: The holidays are over so you are the guest in your house this weekend. Entertain yourself. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself. Enjoy.

Declutter your way to Happiness. Happiness is found beyond the pile of stuff.

The sound of the ocean is serenity at work. Work some ocean into your day via a sound spa or relaxation CD to help you work or sleep better.

Having fun is a hobby in & of itself. It's the best hobby ever.

Bundle up your pet, take them out for a walk, but make sure to clean up after them because there is no poop fairy. This is all pooped out motivation.

Weekender: Warm up this weekend with activity. Keep moving to keep warm. Set a new record on your activity tracker.

Act on your Monday motivation to have a terrific Tuesday, wonderful Wednesday, tremendous Thursday & fantastic Friday!

Your creativity box: There is no box so allow yourself to be creative.

Vocal chords, ear drums, heart beats-your life is music so what will be your song?

Sometimes you need to hug it out to work it out.

Weekender: Get your winter survival kit together so you are ready. Winter is on the move & may be headed your way.

Monday. A fresh start. A mini New Year. A reason to celebrate. Happy Monday! It's a brand new week.

Women are about the little details. Men are about the big picture. When they get together it becomes a great story.

The beauty of life is a feast for the eyes.

Appreciate others & love them for who they are rather than trying to change them into someone you think they should be.

Celebrate the last weekend of January with your kind of fun. Have fun your way & enjoy your favorite hobby. Distract yourself from winter.

It's the Saturday Afternoon Post since you might be going out tonight. Whatever you are doing, have a terrific Saturday & enjoy the week...end!

For continued inspiration, motivation & empowerment, the print copy of my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport is now available for purchase on the shop page of this website. There is a free gift with purchase but quantities are limited so order today!

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