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Daily Celebrations December Edition


The holidays have come & gone now, but the inspiration from them continues. Some of these inspirations may be useful to you today, and others in your planning for the holidays next year. Again, these are from my tweets and posts on social media and you are welcome to follow @gotmyhappy They are as follows:

Giving Tuesday-a day dedicated to giving back. Please see the blog "Charity Rules" on this website for ideas.

It's Rockefeller Tree Lighting time. Visit & watch the tree glisten if nearby or watch from where you are to celebrate the holiday season.

Roof Over Your Head Day-a day to appreciate all of the luxuries that you have. Thank about all of them today & you will feel blessed.

Faux Fur Friday-a day to celebrate animal-friendly fur. Whether it's a vest or coat, dress yourself up in some fabulous faux fur today.

Ninja Day-a day to celebrate discipline, strategy, & self-reliance. Discover your own inner ninja & take charge of your life.

It's a holiday season Sunday Funday so wear your favorite spirited holiday sweater & have some fun today.

Happy Hanukkah to all who will be celebrating. Have a wonderful Hanukkah Celebration.

It's cotton candy day in December-too funny. Maybe there's an eggnog day in July. Well, it's Monday. At least there's humor to start the day.

A moment of silence please...To remember those who sacrificed so much at Pearl Harbor. December 7th. 1941. "A date which will live in infamy"

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day-but you are one. Watch for the future in the news & elsewhere. It's already here in part. You can see it-look

It's Techno Day so party party with music music. Techno music makes you want to dance. No need to wait for the weekend to techno-crank it up.

Human Rights Day. Pray for the rights of all people. It costs you nothing & it sends good karma out into the world. Do more if you can.

Dewey Decimal System Day-where would library books be without it? In a big messy pile. Stop at a library & get a book. See life before Google.

It's Lost And Found Day so look under your bed, car seat, sofa cushions & check the pockets of your clothes-what will you find? Find out today.

What a beautiful day-it's Poinsettia Day! The beauty of the flower is its red star shaped leaves-so festive. Treat yourself to one.

World Choral Day-a day to feel uplifted by song so sing along with a choir group or attend a concert & listen to celebrate today.

It's motivation Monday so look no further than my website to motivate & inspire you. It's all about you.

Cat Herders Day-a day to celebrate having a challenge in your work or life. If it's rewarding-keep it. If not, round-up something new.

Remember, there is always something to celebrate so make celebrating a lifestyle. Just celebrate!

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