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Mighty Motivators VII


Graduation Cap
It's 2016 and the Mighty Motivators are back! They're ready to inspire and motivate you even more this year. But first, they want to share some final holiday inspiration from 2015. Here goes. Enjoy!

Butterflies in your stomach, your heart racing, tears of joy, an uncontrollable smile-your body is telling you it's Happy.

Inspiration: Do what you love, a lot of it & keep doing it. Happiness loves repeating itself!

Weekender Greetings: Send out your holiday cards if you want to send them. The first weekend in December is the best weekend to do this. Happiness and Joy to you.

The Monday train has left the station. If you did your Sunday prep for it, you'll enjoy the ride.

For the best celebrations, make sure all 5 senses-taste, touch, sight, sound and smell-are part of the SENSEational celebration!

Raise your glass and toast to the holidays. It's the perfect time of year to make toasting a habit. It turns any event into a celebration.

Peppermint is a treat to eat or drink during the holiday season and is a refreshment to invigorate during all other seasons.

There are 7 billion people in the world and 7 billion definitions of Happiness.

Find holiday magic in all things. Keep the magic of the holidays going all year long.

Express yourself in your own way. When you try to fit in, you're holding yourself back. Be the real you.

Get yourself something special for Christmas. You deserve it. Gift yourself a present.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, (May The Force Be With You-Star Wars)

Jingle all the way to Christmas. Listen to holiday music and have a joyous week. Your Monday motivation: Jingle Bells and 5 o'clock whistles.

Inspiration: Winter Solstice is a time for reflection. Are you where you want to be or will 2016 be your year? Reflect for answers-Rejoice!

Buy/make an ornament to remember Christmas 2015. You'll have it going forward to hang on the Christmas tree. Have an ornamental day.

It's a Monday with benefits-less traffic and a more peaceful office environment due to the holidays. Enjoy it!

The longest commitment of your life is to yourself so make yourself a priority.

Best of 2015: The Year of You in Review Think about all of the great things you achieved this year. You deserve all of your Success and Happiness.

2016 is here. Get your 2016 calendar and start celebrating 2016. Start filling it up!

Hopefully, this update has been inspirational and motivational to you. It would make the Mighty Motivators really Happy. They'll be back soon!


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