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Mighty Motivators VI


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The Mighty Motivators are here for you once again. Hopefully you'll find motivation & inspiration from them! Take a look:

Motivator: It's Job Action Day so take action now if you need a change. Today is the day to start pursuing your dream job.

Aromatherapy advice: What's pleasing to your nose is soothing to your emotions, body & soul. Your mood/well-being is enhanced by fragrance.

Got My Happy™ is my 3 word Happiness. Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest @gotmyhappy because it's all about you!

See yourself as a human size magnet. If you want Happiness & good things, think that way. Your positive energy will draw them in.

Tip: If a sweater looks great on you, it's okay to buy the same sweater in different colors. Then, you'll always look great & it makes shopping easier.

Coming Soon: The Holidays! Get your holiday bucketlist ready now so you have the best holiday season ever! Weekender!

Eat a box of fortune cookies and everything will go right today.

Semper Fi is a phrase used by the Marines & it means "always loyal" Be inspired to be always loyal to those you love.

Running is your body's natural expression of freedom. Both your mind & body feel free-so put on your running shoes & run!

Inspiration: Every day of your life is a special occasion. Dress up for it & look your best for the celebration.

Weekender: Rest up to store up as much energy as you can. Your holiday switch will be turned to ON soon & you will be running.

Praying for Peace in Paris & Praying for Peace for the World.

If you strive to make each Monday great, the rest of the week will be even better.

Tip: When you wake up, your body is dehydrated. Drink plenty of water especially first thing in the morning & throughout the day for energy.

The best Inspiration for your work is living life so live it up!

Tip: It's The Great American Smokeout so leave the pack behind today. If you smoke, please stop. You're way too smart to be smoking-way too smart.

Weekender: Get ready for turkey day! Make sure you have everything you need for Thanksgiving. The relatives are coming over...

There are only 3 working days until turkey day. Your work week is already half over & it just started. How great is that?

Tip: Keep a journal for the important events that happen in your life. It's easier to remember the details in the moment rather than looking back.

There's no great motivator than spending time with your family. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with them.

Weekender: The holidays are finally here so put up the decorations to bring the cheer!

A themed Monday is so much better than a typical Monday. Thanks Cyber Monday!

The Mighty Motivators will be returning soon to inspire you even more. Until then, Got My Happy™: Body Passport is there for you & is available for purchase on the shop page of this website. The holidays can be stressful & my book can help provide relief.
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