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Daily Celebrations October Edition


The daily celebrations continue! They are meant to inspire you going forward & encourage you to celebrate something every day. Here are more inspirations for you:

World Smile Day. You can uplift others with a smile. This is your superpower. Use it to bring joy to the world.

Boyfriends Day-a day to celebrate your special guy. He tries so hard to make you Happy & to protect you. Do something nice for him today.

Improve Your Office Day. Your office affects your mind. Organize it so you can think. Then personalize it to showcase your life.

World Teachers Day. To celebrate, It's Do Something Nice Day too so appreciate those who teach & do something nice for them today.

Mad Hatter Day-a day to be silly like the Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Wear the silly hat if you dare. Be silly & have fun.

The world has been forever changed- it's all day breakfast at McDonald's starting today & every day from now on. Will you eat anything else?

It's Bathtub Day so take a soothing bath. Find a moment in your busy day to soak in warm water & relax. Use candles & add bubbles for luxury.

World Poetry Day. Poetry is a mix of intellect & emotion where head & heart meet in a special way. Enjoy reading some today.

Be Eggstatic-it's World Egg Day! Eggs are an eggcellent source of protein & eggstremely affordable. Have an eggceptional eggsperience today!

World Mental Health Day. To have a Zen day, meditate while you take a shower to wash away stress. Have empathy for those who are battling.

Calling all drummers-it's your time to shine so please take center stage because It's Hug a Drummer Day! Get a hug from your band and your fans.

Pancakes & pajamas, mimosas & brunch or tailgating & football. You choose because it's Sunday Funday! Happy Sunday! Enjoy!

Columbus Day. Thank goodness he discovered America so we now have a place to call home. Be like Columbus & go out on an adventure today.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian Followers! I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It's Face Your Fears Day & Train Your Brain Day so combine them. Train yourself to regularly do things that scare you to develop courage. Start today.

Bald and Free Day. Life can take the hair off your head but don't let it take the Happiness out of your heart. Hats off to you.

Conflict Resolution Day. Try to compromise first but use a mediator if needed. Stay calm & be respectful to reach a peaceful resolution.

Bosses Day. Show appreciation & thank your boss. Give a gift if you want. A Payday candy bar will work. Maybe more is better. You decide.

On the Shop page of this website is the ebook Got My Happy™: Body Passport which can provide further inspiration for you. There will be more daily celebrations to come!                                                     BookDog Tag       

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