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More Daily Celebrations September Edition


It's time for more daily celebrations. What are you celebrating today? Each day there are many choices. I choose celebrations that I think will inspire you the most. There is no wrong answer-just celebrate! Here is more inspiration for you:

Stepfamily Day-a day to celebrate this blended family that provides as much love/care/support as a traditional family. Step into love.

It started in the good ole US of A, but it's International Country Music Day! Put on your western wear & jam with some country tunes today!

Cheezborger, Cheezborger says John Belushi in a classic SNL skit. Yes, It's Cheeseburger Day so go & have one!

Talk Like A Pirate Day. Sometimes you want to be a kid again & today might be one of those days. You just need a costume to up the fun-Arrr

Wife Appreciation Day. Tell her it's the official day but you will appreciate her for the remaining 364 as well. Appreciation is unending.

It's a fruity SundayFunday. It's Punch Day with punch being served out of the bowl. It's best served at a party. Hope you're having one now.

World Gratitude Day. To all Followers on Social Media & to all who have visited, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

International Peace Day. The peace sign was created because it's needed. I offer everyone a sign of peace today & always.

Hobbit Day-a day to be carefree like one. They just have fun & look for the joy in life. Going barefoot & having 7 meals is optional.

It's the First Day of Fall. Change is in the air & we welcome it. It's going to be colorful & exciting. Change can be a good thing for you too.

Innergize Day-a day for you to focus on you. Spend some time & focus on your personal well-being. Do things that you enjoy & that make you feel good.

Zap! Wham! Pow! It's Comic Book Day! Nothing beats a book with word balloons that's an action-packed quick read. Enjoy one today. Boom!

Family Fitness Day. Get fit together as a family-workout at home, walk or go to a gym. Then do it more often. It's more fun that way.

Ancestor Appreciation Day. Learn the history of your family tree & family name. Ask relatives about your ancestors. A great family bonding day.

Be a Good Neighbor Day. Get to know your neighbors. Stop and say "Hello" today. This can lead to new friendships.

National Coffee Day. Coffee lovers it's the day you've been waiting for. Stop, smell & drink a lot of Java/ Joe today.

World Heart Day. Take care of your heart & live a long life. Take care of someone else's heart & tell them you love them today.

Are you ready for a facial? It's Mud Pack Day! Refresh your skin with a mud mask. DIY or go to a spa. Time to get muddy with a little mud now.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Exams/Screenings are keys to early detection. Do them. Get them. Do all that you can to take care of you.

Got My Happy™: Body Passport is ready to inspire you further. The book is available for purchase on the shop page of this website. There will be more daily celebrations forthcoming. Remember to celebrate today!
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