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Daily Celebrations August Edition


ButterflyWell the time has come for more daily celebrations. Remember every day there is something in the world to celebrate. These are just some of the inspirational days of celebration that I posted in my social media accounts. Let the daily celebrations continue!

Girlfriend Day. Today is her day-yours is later on. You know what to do because she's your girl. Go & do it.

Sisters' Day. All sisters are to be treasured & the sisterhood of women unites all women. Have a girls' night out to celebrate-sisters!

Watermelon Day. It's a food that hydrates you with water even in its name. Refresh yourself with water/melon all summer long.

Coast Guard Day. They're celebrating 225 years of service to our nation-both search & rescue-on this day. Congrats & thanks to our USCG!

Work Like A Dog Day i.e. your typical day. A great day to remind your boss of your efforts & position yourself for a raise. Good Luck.

Fresh Breath Day. Freshen it up several times during the day or your breath will overshadow all of the other good things about you.

International Beer Day. Enjoy one today. Hold up your glass & say "Cheers" to everyone even if they prefer to drink root beer. Cheers!

Happiness Happens Day. I'm sending you Happiness from my heart meant to last forever. Hold onto it so it does. It's your Happiness now.

Book Lovers Day. You always carry a good book with you with e-books & digital readers. Join the book club. No excuses now for not reading.

World Lion Day. It needs to be changed to Cecil the Lion Day in his honor & since all lions are endangered now more than ever before.

Son/Daughter Day. Whether at home or away, children are close at heart. They fulfill a parent's dream. Show them love today.

Vinyl Record Day. Vinyl records are works of art all dressed in black & fitted with jackets. Spin 'em if you got 'em. Rock 'n' Roll!

International Youth Day. A day to celebrate all youths. Help & support them as much as you can so in the future they can do the same for you.

World Elephant Day. Another beautiful animal that is disappearing quickly. It doesn't have to be that way. It can be stopped today.

Left Handers' Day. Surprise a lefty today & give them a high five or a handshake with your left hand. Now that's appreciation.

August is Golf Month. It's more than a sport. It's a fashion show on a golf course runway. A golf pose is a must. Judges your carts are ready.

Let there be World Peace & there is some today. The U.S. flag flies over Cuba after 54 years & the US Embassy is reopening there as well.

Wishing you a very Happy Independence Day India & Best World Wishes India Happiness from the USA! Enjoy your special day!

Relaxation Day. A day to relax your mind, body & soul. That's a lot to relax. You might need to extend it. Relax...Ahhh...

Airborne Day. Take a moment of silence/pray to show gratitude to all U.S. Army Parachute Jumpers.

Congrats to Jason Day for winning the PGA Championship & our own Jordan Spieth for moving up to #1 in the World! Congratulations Champions!

Thrift Shop Day. If you donate you get a tax deduction at charity-driven ones. If you shop you get great prices. A win/win-both charity & you win.

There will be more celebrations to come! In the meantime don't forget to shop for your e-book Got My Happy™: Body Passport & a dog tag both located on the shop page on this website! My book can provide additional inspiration for you until the next blog. Remember to celebrate everyday!


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