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Charity Rules


Many people these days are just struggling to get by so while they may want to help others by being charitable, they don't feel that it is within their means to do so. They want to make a difference in the world but feel that they are strapped financially. Charity, at its core, is about the act of giving to those who have less than we do. Sadly, there will always be someone who has less than we do because all the money in the world will never be divided equally amongst everyone. The goal is to make giving a part of your lifestyle. How often and what you give is up to you. Here are some thoughts to consider:

*The charities you support should mean something to you personally. It's easier to make it a part of your lifestyle that way. Let that be your guide when everyone else is asking you to support their charities. Support your charities first then theirs.

*If it's inconvenient for you to cut a check or to find a charity for you to support, you can always give to an organization when they are asking for a donation at a public location i.e. in front of a store, at a traffic stop etc. This makes it easy for you to be charitable. In addition, it provides you with an opportunity to donate anonymously if that is your preference. 

*If you are planning to leave your money to charity when you die, make sure to support them in some fashion while you are still alive. That way you can see all of the good you and your money are doing today.

*If you like to run or walk as a hobby, you can always turn it into a charitable act. There are so many walk and run events that you can participate in for charity. Remember, if people say that they can only give a dollar to your fundraising efforts then they are giving you all that they can.

*By donating to a charity-driven thrift shop i.e. the Salvation Army, you get a tax deduction. Consider this option for clothes that your family has outgrown, things you don't use, need, or like any more. It' a Win/Win for you and the charity.

* There are ways to give to charity that cost you very little and in some cases nothing. You can give blood to the Red Cross over and over again (I know someone who has given blood 75 times). You can donate your pop can tabs to the Ronald McDonald House Charity pop tab collection. They collect them. Save up all of your pop tabs and donate them once a year. You can volunteer your time at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. You can collect and send in your yogurt tabs for cancer research in October. You can bake a cake and donate it to a church bake sale. Not every charitable act involves giving money.

In the end, the more you can do for others and the more people you can help will in turn make you feel good. Doing good and feeling good from doing good is what life is all about.



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