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Make Every Day a Holiday


SunHere are some highlights from the Daily Celebrations that I've done so far on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest just to keep you updated. Some are International Days of Celebration and some are National Days of Celebration specific to the US. The wisdom, though, is universal and timeless:

Blueberry Cheesecake Day. Since it's made with cheese & fruit on a graham cracker (crust), it's a little picnic. Enjoy!

Sun Screen Day. Use it to block the sun to have more fun. Make it your summertime outfit & dress up in it every day.

Well, it's a double header. It's Hamburger Day too! Fire up the grill. Get grill 'in!

Amnesty International Day. Pray for freedom & peace for all. It costs you nothing & it sends good karma into the world. Do more if you can.

Say Something Nice Day. We should be doing this every day & not just today. A reminder never hurts. You're the Best!

Leave the Office Earlier Day. Ask if you can leave early if you get all of your work done. Then head out the door. More like run.

National Running Day. Since you probably ran out the door from work yesterday, you already celebrated it.

Repeat Day. The best things in life are worth repeating so repeat something you love doing today. Think of it as Double Happiness.

Hug Your Cat Day. Give your feline friend some extra love today. Hug them for as long as you want & give them some extra hugs too!

World Environment Day. Practice sustainable living by doing the 3 R's-Reducing, Recycling, Reusing. You know what to do. Just do it.

Doughnut Day. They're going fast & supplies are limited. You better get moving. Don't be stuck eating a biscotti today.

World Oceans Day. Go there & enjoy it if you're close. If not, find your ocean at A site with ocean choices.

Donald Duck Day. No kidding. Celebrate Donald & watch him in a cartoon today. He'll make you laugh. Quack, Quack!

Iced Tea Day. It will be a Boston Tea Party of another kind. It may even go to Long Island. Have a glass today.

Jerky Day. A day of delight for all meat lovers-to eat meat already prepared all day long. Vegans, hold tight. Your day is coming...

Red Rose and Superman Day. Find a rose garden to enjoy & contemplate your own superpower you can use to change the world!

Flag Day. Be proud to have been made in America or welcomed into it. Display your colors of red, white & blue today. Show your flag.

Smile Power Day. The true power of a smile is to make someone else smile. Use your best accessory, your smile, to do that today. Keep smiling & others will too!

Eat Your Veggies Day. Vegans & Vegetarians your day is here. The feast will be a real garden party. Let's all join in & eat more veggies.

Flip-Flop Day. They make your feet feel so good like you're walking on sand. Flip-flop, flip-flop-, flip-flop, Bye...

Welcome to summer! Enjoy 16 hours of daylight today. More time for more fun & more days like it yet to come. Have unending fun this summer!

Let It Go Day. Write down your negative thoughts & delete them or throw them away. Your thoughts just need a personal assistant.

Swim a Lap Day. If you don't know how to swim then learn. You might need it to save your life. You learned to drive right?

Global Beetle's Day. They brought British Rock & Roll to America and we couldn't get enough of it. We still can't. "Let it be."

Take Your Dog To Work Day. Do this if you can. If not, give your dog an extra treat & they'll understand. They love you no matter what.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that #LoveWins. Many are displaying colors in support of marriage equality-a Constitutional Right-so celebrate!

Camera Day-every day! The minute you walk out the door, you're on camera everywhere you go, so smile because you're a real celebrity.

Social Media Day. Be social, connect with others & have fun. Use your social media for good then others will follow suit and "Follow" you.

Second Half of the Year Day. 2015 is halfway over. Make the next half even better. Get busy working on that. Chop, chop!

July is Ice Cream Month. Ice cream can be a shake/beverage or a dessert/food. It's Your Everything. Favorite flavor included.

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