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Say the Best Words


WordsA few words about using words...

Word sensitivity is at an all-time high. Yes, people do take it personally. Whether words are spoken, written, recorded, or digital, people understand the power of words now more than ever before. Not only can words make you feel good and uplift you, but they can bring you down and harm you. Here's more from my book on that subject: "Words are like bullets. You can never take them back once they're fired off. Be careful what you say and choose your words carefully or otherwise you'll end up hurting yourself in addition to the other person. There may be blank bullets, but there are no blank words." Sometimes it's better to keep it simple and to say less or even to say nothing at all. Here's even more from my book on using harmful words: "Insulting others with hurtful words makes you look really bad. It makes you look ugly. Ugly doesn't look good on you. Halt the insults." Attacking people with your words hurts their soul because it causes pain on the inside-so don't. 

Words are everlasting not only in your memory, but on paper so to speak―written words and digital words. In another point from my book I note that: "You won't be around forever, but your data messages will be. All of your email messages, text messages and social media posts are everlasting. They have no lifespan. Make sure all of your digital messages look their best with good words, good thoughts and good intentions since they're forever. Your data messages represent you in words for all time. Represent yourself well." Words represent your thoughts and your entire persona is represented both in pictures and in words.

Words are often meant to be binding as in a verbal contract. You keep your word and they keep theirs. Words that bind include vows, pledges, prayers, promises, and declarations. Word up and take ownership of your words. Have word integrity. A verbal contract may not be a paper contract, but it's a human contract.

Words are the emotional chord to your heart. Greeting cards, books, movie DVDs and song CDs allow you to tap into this emotional chord. It's not the fact they're material possessions that makes you happy, but rather it's the experience of Happiness they bring you. They allow you to relive all of the fond memories of your life over and over again. Consider them as your Happiness collection of words. Enjoy them often.

In certain places there should be unspoken words. Your spoken words need to be silenced and you should be speechless in a library, in a courtroom that is in session, in a movie theater during the movie, and in a house of worship unless prompted that it's okay to speak. Let the deeds speak and not you. Shh.....

Finally, remember your tongue is your ambassador in all of your spoken words. Say what you need to say in the best possible way. May you say the best words.  

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