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Oh the Celebrations You'll Have


SunLife should be one big unending celebration. There's just so much to celebrate each and every day. There's a celebration going on 365 days a year but the question is are you in on it? Are you celebrating something every day of the year? Well, if not, you're missing out. There's something for you to celebrate every day and you don't want to miss out on it. You may be missing out on the celebration because you feel bogged down by your life and all that goes along with it―you say that you're too busy. Then you end up trying to remember to celebrate rather than waking up being ready to celebrate. In a section of my book titled: "GOT MY HAPPY/RIGHT NOW/FOREVER" I make a note of this as follows:

"Start each day with a reason to celebrate. Some days are already designated for you, such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc. and some days you're left to your own devices to find a cause for celebration. Find special days and celebrate them. If it's Take Your Dog to Work Day, then do so. If it's National Cupcake Day, then have one. If it's World Kindness day, then show some. Every day there's something in the world to celebrate. You just have to find it."

Now you may already have your own things to celebrate calendar and if so, good for you. You're a step ahead. You've found a way to have more fun through celebration. You just need to make sure to have your calendar visible, check it every day, and change it every month to have your fun. Make sure you're actively using this calendar and you don't just have it sitting on your desk or hanging on the wall collecting dust. Use it to celebrate every day. If you don't have one, it may be that you're just too preoccupied with all of the other stuff in your life. These daily distractions are why you need to have a way to insure your fun every day or your fun might slip away.

This is the purpose of the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts for this website. They're to do just that―provide even more fun for you beyond these blogs. You may want to consider following them as they will be updated on a frequent basis with celebrations and inspirations. I'll do the work for you then all you have to do is to celebrate. How does that sound?

So get your party hats and noise makers ready. The social media party is about to get started (and the party everywhere else for that matter). Let's be social and celebrate together. Start by remembering your ABC's―Always Be Celebrating! It's silly but it works. It's a great way to remind yourself to celebrate.

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