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Hello! Let me introduce myself.


I'm a Midwest native and I'm still here living in Chicago. I'm an only child so I had to figure things out on my own and defend myself while I was growing up since I never had a sibling to fight for me. I grew up in a multi-generational family and my grandma helped raise me until I went off to college. For this reason, I "get" seniors probably more than most and understand their ways. I've lived my life as blue collar, white collar, and now no collar. All people make sense to me because of it. I've been working nonstop in various jobs since I was 18 years old. My greatest personal demon that has tormented me is my weight situation--I've dealt with "the weight" all of my life. This ongoing frustration is in addition to most recently having full-blown identity theft and losing my "'til retirement" job. My sense of humor has help me to survive all of this and more. Last year—it took 47 years—my destiny was finally revealed to me and it involves you. My true life's purpose is to help you find the Happiness you so deserve. I plan on doing this to the best of my abilities like I've done with everything else in my life.

Now let me introduce the website. This website might be "The One" because it represents a special kind of Happy. Many websites want to educate you about finding Happiness while others are just meant to entertain you, making you happy by making you laugh. My goal is to do both: educate you to make you better and entertain you at the same time. Double Happiness—how great is that? I want your experience on here to be unique. This site is word-driven and abstract so you fill in your own mental pictures and memories. You get to make the most out of them on this website. Your memory activation begins ... Here's a sample from my book coming at you right now:

Looking back on your past with regrets is like punching a punching bag when you ask yourself: Why did I say that? PUNCH! Why did I do that? PUNCH! Why couldn't things have been different? PUNCH! -- STOP PUNCHING THE BAG! Why? BECAUSE YOU'RE THE BAG!

My book will be available this summer on this website and as an e-book, with more wisdom like this. I will conclude this first blog post with the most important question you should be asking yourself on your quest for finding Happiness: Is it attainable--real Happiness in the real world? If you're feeling miserable right now, the answer is you probably haven't found real Happiness yet. This is why you are here on this site, so you should visit often. Got My Happy™ is about attainable, real Happiness in the real world.

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Our Mission

The purpose of Got My Happy™ is to be your landing page for Happiness, your oasis from life. The goal whether you're having a bad day or even if you're having a good day is to make it even better. The website features inspirational advice for adults struggling with stressful life and work moments. Think of Got My Happy™ as your concierge for finding Happiness.