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Sleep Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


For sleep so good it’s beyond your wildest dreams:

Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Unlike a nap, you need a longer sleep time to achieve deep sleep. Deep sleep allows your brain to clean out toxins & your body to fully relax & recharge.

Make your bed look welcoming with lots of pillows, a luxurious comforter, etc. & make your bed every morning. Get your bed ready to welcome you for sleep. Even leave a mint on your pillow if you want.

Change your bed sheets every week so you are not sleeping in your own dust.

Get new pillows regularly since old pillows may contain dust mites which can trigger allergies.

Sleep in your favorite PJ’s or in the buff whichever you like best for your best night’s sleep.

Sleep with a weighted blanket. It’s like swaddling for an adult.

If you have a partner or spouse, make sure you each have your own blanket. It creates your own private space, your own cocoon for sleeping.

Sleep in your favorite position night after night. Your body needs to feel comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

Wear a sleep mask to block out the light and/or use blackout curtains so you can experience the darkest darkness to fall asleep. Any type of light whether it’s sunlight or artificial light such as from a TV or from a cell phone won’t let you achieve your deepest sleep.

Turn off the TV. Having the TV on all night is noise for your dreams. Turn it off so you have good dreams.

Listen to a sound spa with nature sounds to help you to relax & to help you to fall asleep.

Keep some water on your nightstand to drink throughout the night because a hydrated sleep is a good night’s sleep.

Drink some nighttime tea to calm yourself from within & prepare your body for sleep.

Have a light snack if you need to so you don’t go to bed hungry. It takes longer to fall asleep when your stomach is growling & the hunger may wake you up otherwise.

Take a warm (not hot) bath before bed. The warmness induces sleep.

Use lotion & lip balm before bed. Moisturize so you aren’t itchy during the night.

Set the room temperature at a comfortable setting (68 or so is good) because sweat & a good night’s sleep don’t go together.

Think positive thoughts or have a gratitude reflection right before you fall asleep & you will have sweet dreams.

Get an aroma diffuser & set it to wake you up in the morning or you can use it to help you relax & fall asleep at night.

If you use your cell phone to wake you up, choose an alarm sound that wakes you up but doesn’t frighten you in the process.

Enjoy catch-up sleep when you need to. Enjoy sleeping for as long as you like & wake up naturally with no alarm.

Sleep with the windows open in the spring & fall. The fresh air will knock you out.

Use a humidifier in the winter because dry air can make it harder to breathe & sleep. Run it in your bedroom a few hours before you go to sleep so you don’t have cold air blowing on you all night while you sleep.

Wear socks if your feet are cold. It’s difficult to fall asleep with cold feet.

Here’s to the best sleep of your life every night!

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