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Seeds of Spring


Spring is the season of new life & new beginnings! Here are some ways to celebrate:

Plant a tree for Arbor Day. It will be your very own tree of life.

Start a garden-an English garden, a flower garden, a veggie garden or a herb garden-indoors or outdoors. Nothing says Spring more than a garden.

Eat more chia seeds & sunflower seeds. Find new recipes for them. Seeds sustain all life.

Go on a retreat. Rediscover yourself or learn new things about yourself.

Open the windows for fresh air. Let Spring in.

Create a new bucket list for Spring or check off some items from your previous one. Spring into Spring.

Feng Shui your home. Give new life to it. Use the furniture & accessories you already have or get new ones.

Go to a butterfly pavilion or a bird sanctuary & celebrate Spring with the birds of Spring.

Go shopping at a thrift store. Give some unwanted items some new life with you.

Take a Turkish bath. Get a loofa & really scrub down then pour a pitcher of water all over yourself. Get rid of all the dead skin of winter.

Be on the lookout for baby animals even if it’s just the baby chipmunks outside your door. Take it a step further-go & see all of the new baby animals at the zoo.

Eat your daily salad now that fresh produce is back in season & make some zoodles too.

Think outside the box, in this case your home, & discover new ideas outdoors. Let your creativity flourish in the fresh open air.

Spring is here so enjoy the season of new things!

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