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The Wait is Over!


No one likes to wait. No one. Waiting just wastes time. Here are some tips so you can spend less time waiting:

Take the first appointment of the day for a doctor or dentist visit before they run behind.

If you have a choice, take the first appointment of the day for a furniture delivery or a home maintenance request before they run behind.

Grocery shop online or shop in the early am or late pm when less people are waiting in line at the grocery store.

FaceTime or conference call with people who are always late rather than wasting your time going to meet with them in person. On your behalf, don’t waste someone else’s time & always be on time.

If something comes with instructions, read them. Then you won’t waste your time trying to figure it out.

Call someone back or use the automatic call back rather than waiting on a phone line.

If you are tired of waiting to hear back from someone, follow-up with them.

Make an appointment for a haircut & make a reservation for dinner rather than just showing up without one & waiting.

Get your ticket in advance for an event rather than waiting in line to buy it when you get there.

Take the train/subway, if you can, so you are not sitting in your car waiting in traffic.

If you drive, use Waze or MapQuest for the best route to minimize waiting in traffic.

Always have something with you to do or to work on if you do have to wait.

Go & do something rather than sitting around & waiting.

Go & do something rather than waiting to fall asleep if you can’t fall asleep.

If you just can’t wait, try expediting it. Make it happen sooner.

If waiting doesn’t bother you, then there’s no need to do any of the above.

Now the wait is over! At least some of it is!

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