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Daily Celebrations March 2018


Are you ready for more Daily Celebrations? Excellent! Here you go!


GROUNDHOG DAY. Put a pair of sunglasses on Phil so he thinks Spring!

GROUNDHOG DAY-a day to think about all the things you love to do then go repeat them!

To celebrate the YEAR OF THE PIG, get yourself a piggy bank for good luck! // HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR


Mangia! Mangia!

PIZZA DAY. Enjoy New York style thin crust & fold a piece in half or enjoy Chicago deep dish with no folding required!

PIZZA DAY. We’re all in our happy place now that we’ve all had some pizza!

DOUBLE CELEBRATION TIME: Celebrate Valentine’s Day TWICE-today on Saturday & on the official day this Wednesday as well!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Hope your day is as sweet as sugar!

Love, love, love & more love! // VALENTINE'S DAY INSPIRATION

Be The Most Interesting Person In The World: Stay Curious My Friends! // EVERYDAY MOTIVATION

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! IT’S THE YEAR OF THE DOG! To celebrate, get a dog or post photos of your dog!

While seeing opera live is a great experience, you can still gain enjoyment from watching it on the internet where you can take lots of breaks & watch it in your PJs! // OPERA DAY

Watch opera
Listen to jazz
View contemporary art
Experience weird things

More Friendships! // MAKE A FRIEND DAY

Spend PRESIDENTS' DAY with the Presidents at Mount Rushmore!

Have a very Presidential Day! // PRESIDENTS' DAY

CHOCOLATE MINT DAY. It's so refreshing. It feels like a spa for your mouth!

Enjoy a mint after each meal & have fresh breath all day! // CHOCOLATE MINT DAY INSPIRATION

LIBRARY LOVERS MONTH. Within the towers of books inspiration resides!

Oh My. It’s CHERRY PIE DAY. Oh My!

CARD READING DAY. Read every greeting card & postcard you have ever received & reminisce…

CARD READING DAY. Host a TAROT PARTY & put your guests in a state of AWE & WONDER!

WORLD YOGA DAY. Your life isn’t complete until you do goat yoga!

TOAST DAY. Hot, buttered toast is everyday comfort food!

PLAY TENNIS DAY. Satisfy your need for faster speed & play table tennis aka PING PONG!

CREATIVE ROMANCE MONTH. You & Yours: Take turns planning secret & special date nights!

CREATIVE ROMANCE MONTH. Write a love note & stick it in the pocket of your special someone!

Thinking... // THINKING DAY

Really express your emotions & show your enthusiasm & put an exclamation mark after everything! // JUST INSPIRATION

LEVI STRAUSS DAY to celebrate jeans! Tailor them to your body type to wow the crowd! Wear your best pair everywhere!

POLAR BEAR DAY. Let’s just call this the last day of winter & go hibernate & take a nap!

POLAR BEAR DAY. If you are going to take the polar bear plunge, be like a polar bear & wear your winter coat!

RETRO DAY. Resolve everything today with a DANCE OFF!

Chili Today Hot Tamale! // CHILI DAY

FLORAL DESIGN DAY. Appreciate the art of floral design. Take a flower-arranging class that includes a take-home bouquet!


Art captures beauty & emotions! // JUST INSPIRATION

Finally, check out all the other Daily Celebrations on this website then go celebrate!

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